Experts from 60 million consumers voted this product the best concealer (and it’s at a low price!)

Experts from 60 million consumers voted this product the best concealer (and it's at a low price!)

Whether bluish or purplish, dark circles are a source of complexity for many young women (and men). To camouflage these small imperfections, concealer is THE product to have in your make-up kit. 60 Million Consumers compared several products, one corrector stood out from the crowd. We'll tell you which one.

They make us look tired and are sometimes a source of self-consciousness; dark circles affect many French people. To hide these imperfections, many women (and today some men) use concealer. How to find the reference that will best camouflage your small imperfections? The 60 Million Consumers Magazine voted it the best concealer product. As a bonus, it has a low price: less than 7 euros!

Full Cover Camouflage from Revolution Pro, the best concealer according to 60 Million Consumers

Revolution Pro's Full Cover Camouflage concealer is praised by 60 Million Consumers magazine for its effectiveness and excellent value for money. Ultra pigmented, its formula offers maximum coverage to conceal dark circles, but also some small facial imperfections. You can apply it with your fingers, brush or beauty blender depending on your preference. Available in 12 shades, it allows all skin tones to find happiness. We also like its cruelty-free formulation.

How to choose the right concealer?

Before rushing to the store to buy this miraculous product, you must first determine which shade you should choose. The idea is to analyze your dark circles to camouflage them well. If you have bluish dark circles, you should instead opt for a shade with slightly pink undertones, to neutralize the blue. If your dark circles have brown tones, the right concealer color will have orange undertones. Finally, if you have pink or purplish dark circles, choose a concealer with yellow undertones. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the salespeople who will be able to guide you towards the best shade according to your needs.

How to properly apply your anti-dark circle corrector?

In a TikTok video, a professional makeup artist reveals her tips for properly applying concealer and avoiding mistakes that could, on the contrary, damage your complexion. So, one of her first tips before applying concealer is to avoid applying foundation to the area under the eyes. This avoids an extra layer on your skin. On the other hand, it is essential to moisturize the eye area before applying concealer. In fact, the skin risks “drinking up” very quickly the little moisturizing agent contained in the concealer if you do not use eye contour care. You will then need to remove the excess cream with a clean powder puff or tissue. It is also advisable to use a primer for the eye area to better set your makeup. You can then move on to applying the concealer in thin layers, blending it with your fingers or a brush. Wait about 30 seconds between each coat to let the product set on your skin. If you want maximum coverage, you need to use pressure movements. On the contrary, if you prefer light to moderate coverage, it is better to sweep the product lightly. Finally, to set everything, use a loose or compact powder to apply with a puff or brush.

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