Face Mists and face sprays: what they are for and why they are a summer must have

Face Mists and face sprays: what they are for and why they are a summer must have

Can a face spray really make a difference? Yes, especially in summer: this is why and how to integrate Face Mist into your skincare routine

I am not a tonic, I am not a simple thermal water. The Face Mist are real beauty allies, to be included as soon as possible in your skincare routine. Multifunction, rich in active ingredients, versatile, they are perfect for the summer because they hydrate, refresh and at the same time have ingredients that work invisibly.

What are Face Mists?

By now the Face Mist are considered as real cosmetics or spray treatments, comfortable and quick to use. They are moisturizing waters that therefore help the skin to stay hydrated and retain water, but at the same time they are enriched with active ingredients. There are various types depending on the type of skin, for example the purifying ones that help regulate sebaceous secretion and keep the skin opaque by reducing oiliness, enriched with Tea Tree. The soothing ones, on the other hand, are excellent for younger and more sensitive skin, based on chamomile and lavender or even the detoxifying ones, perfect for those who stay in the city, with anti-pollution minerals.

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They are also ideal for combating oxidative stress, in addition to dehydration and dryness, thus helping in the fight against the signs of aging. Key ingredients are then aloe vera, hyaluronic acid but also peptides, collagen and vitamins, with an elasticizing, revitalizing action and to even out dull skin and so also the complexion.

Use the Facial Sprays as a daily treatment in your skincare routine

Face Mist takes 30 seconds to act. They are vaporized at about 10cm from the face and can be completely absorbed in a very short time. Apply them after cleansing, but before the moisturizing routine, prepare the skin to receive subsequent treatments, strengthening them and making sure they are absorbed at best. Then proceed with the face serum and the moisturizing cream or, if you prefer to keep yourself light with the skincare in the summer, skip the step of the serum.

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If, on waking up, you do not have a rested appearance, use them for a boost of energy but also to erase the signs of tiredness and relieve the face. They are an excellent ally even after finishing the makeup, just like the thermal waters, to be vaporized once completed to make it less heavy and dusty and make it last longer.

I am an ally during the day, in the city, at the sea, in the office and wherever you are

The Face Mist also exist in travel size, therefore perfect to take on the go to rehydrate the skin in periods of strong heat or stress. Perfect, for example, on airplanes or in places where air conditioning could dehydrate and dry the skin, even in the office and indoors. Steam it if necessary to refresh and, at the same time, moisturize and remineralise the skin.

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In the city, I am a real godsend on sultry days when you are forced to stay out, perhaps without the possibility of going home to refresh yourself. They instantly revitalize the face, making it less tired and brighter, while protecting you from pollution. In addition, they are perfect to vaporize before applying sunscreen, to protect the skin from filters that could, in the heat, help to clog pores.

And, last but not least, they are perfect spray treatments even at the sea, because they are not photosensitizers, excellent for replenishing the hydration lost during sun exposure, for refreshing you, but also as a wildcard treatment to be used if there is no running water to rinse your face after swimming in the sea, thus avoiding the feeling of skin that pulls because of the salt.

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