Facial mist: what it is, what it is for, benefits and best products

Facial mist: what it is, what it is for, benefits and best products

Just talking about them makes you feel better: face mist, or more commonly called sprays, mists, elixirs or mist, are ideal when the skin is thirsty and needs a delicate refreshing breath.

Whether it’s in the summer for a pleasant sensation of freshness, or in the colder seasons to give hydration to the skin, face mist have a soothing and softening action and are suitable for all skin types, even children. Here are all their benefits and the best products!

Facial mist what it is

Facial spray thermal waters are one of the must-have products for all seasons. Very versatile, they are perfect as a refresher and thanks to the mineral salts contained within them with different properties, they help the skin in many stressful situations.

They are found in sprays and often in travel format, and are to all intents and purposes a very delicate cloud of hydration: in French they take the name of “brume”, which really means fog / mist.

These are products rich in active ingredients and nutrients, perfect to use regularly in the morning or in the evening, but also effective during the day when the skin of the face appears more thirsty, tired or dull.

The mists are true energy boosters and instant hydration, capable of restoring radiance and well-being to the face.

Thanks to their versatility, they can solve the minor discomforts that the skin may suffer on a daily basis, performing different functions based on the main ingredient they are made of.

Facial mist features

Face mist are ideal for all skin types, even for the most sensitive and problematic ones, precisely because of their softening and soothing action.

In fact, ingredients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium help the epidermis to fight any redness, dry skin due to heat or cold, and at the same time maintain the balance of the pH level by contrasting skin aging.

The formulas are refreshing, energizing and invigorating, they have the characteristic of keeping the skin hydrated for a long time, softening it and invigorating the particularly tired and stressed epidermis.

Facial mists are specially designed to take care of the skin in all seasons, resulting in real cure-alls capable of performing many functions and giving the face many benefits: the first of all is that of hydration.

They are a must have to always have with you, to use when you want without ruining your makeup but on the contrary increasing its hold.

They give immediate relief to the skin, giving a new luminosity to the face by relaxing its features and narrowing the pores, and thanks to the minerals they often contain, they also have an antioxidant and anti-aging action.

Face mist what it is for and how to use it

Fresh and thirst-quenching, the face mists are real drinkers for the skin that it can’t do without!

They adapt to the needs of the face and thanks to the presence of active ingredients they hydrate, soothe, protect, prevent, reduce, minimize and fix the makeup.

Facial mist are also perfect after a day in the sun, to help and rehydrate skin exposed to the sun’s rays, refreshing it and performing a soothing and calming action.

Using them is very simple, the ideal is to find them in a handbag format so as to always keep them with you. They can be sprayed on as needed, vaporizing about 30cm away: the immediate sensation is truly invigorating!

But depending on the product chosen, they can be used at specific times of the day: in the morning to prepare the skin to better absorb the following products or after applying makeup to fix it and make it last longer.

In the evening, on the other hand, it is useful for completing facial cleansing, removing all traces of dirt and excess sebum. If used during the day, it gives a boost of freshness and hydration, counteracting signs of tiredness and decongesting the face.

An extra tip? Try keeping your face mist in the fridge, the effect will be even better!

When to integrate face mist into your skincare routine

The face mist comes from Korean skincare which, as we know, is considered the best to take an example from.

This product can be used at any time, even as a tonic after cleansing and before the serum, or, as mentioned before, as a make-up fixer and during the day to give a boost of hydration and energy to the skin.

It’s an all-in-one product, a mix of active ingredients in a single bottle that can be used all the time and, even more beautiful, it’s suitable for all skin types, as well as drying quickly.

Face mist: here are the best products

Ready for an instant beauty boost? Here are the best face mist for all skin types:

Delicate, light and ideal even for the little ones, Evian Brumisateur is one of the first spray waters for the face. It contains the water of the same name, particularly pure and rich in minerals because, along the way, the water is naturally filtered by the Alps so as to achieve its balance of moisturizing properties. It soothes and calms sensitive skin, perfect for use at any time of the day and available in different formats.

Plant-based and extracted from grapes, Caudalie Grape Water takes care of the face in a totally natural way. Its formula works as an excellent tonic, it is ideal to use after cleansing or to hydrate and refresh the skin during the day. It is enriched with moisturizing polysaccharides and mineral salts, which deeply nourish leaving the skin soft and supple.

Also called Spring Water, Avène thermal water helps fight skin irritations and gives brightness and is therefore more suitable for the most sensitive skin. It can be used to refresh, calm and soften and is ideal for more stressed complexions.

With its quick-drying formula, this face mist works to soothe dry, itchy areas, and is also great for sunburn, dry eyes and irritation.

Originally from the French spa town of the same name, located in a volcanic area, it was born at a depth of 4000 meters and the properties of Vichy thermal water have been known since ancient Rome. Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Spa Water is composed of 15 minerals, including calcium, fluorine, magnesium and potassium which together fortify, regenerate and rebalance the skin. It can also be used to refresh the skin at any time of the day.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Thermal Water is a versatile spray to intensely soothe and comfort damaged, weakened, irritated or sensitive skin.

Its refreshing formula is developed with micro-droplets of La Roche-Posay thermal water to penetrate the skin for an immediate effect. A high concentration of selenium provides antioxidant protection to guard against free radicals and environmental aggressors, preventing further irritation. It can also be used as a toner or to help set makeup.

Moisturizing and soothing, this face mist is also perfect as a tonic because it gives elasticity and brightness to the skin. Uriage Eau Thermale Pure Thermal Water enriches the skin with a formula rich in spring water to have the purest and most natural solution.

This water, which flows from the French Alps, is naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, and is isotonic by nature, which means that it respects the nature of your skin and at the same time soothes, protects and hydrates it, strengthening its barrier natural.

Mario Badescu Face Spray is a replenishing mist with plant extracts, cucumber and peppermint water for dull and tired skin. This spray soothes and refreshes the face instantly, giving it brightness, also thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of green tea, this face mist soothes, refreshes and revitalizes the skin. It is available in different formulations according to your needs.

Prepare, refresh and set with the Fresh Rose Instant Hydration Mist face mist, a multi-performance mist that revitalizes the complexion with a refreshing boost of rose water. The skin is hydrated, plumped and soothed thanks to the damask rose extract and can be used to fix makeup, to give a boost to the skin or for a pleasant sensation of freshness during the day.

Jowaé Hydrating Water Spray is an ideal moisturizing water for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Contains 97% ingredients of natural origin and has a vegan formula enriched with Sakura flower water. With a fresh and crystalline scent of notes of bamboo water, jasmine and cedar wood, this face mist is suitable for hydrating, refreshing and revealing the luminosity of the skin tone.

Insitut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Brume is as powerful as a serum and is enriched with Hyaluronic acid, to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin every day.

It protects the skin from free radicals, energizes the cells and increases the moisturizing power of the skincare applied afterwards. It can be used as a step in your beauty routine or after applying makeup to fix it and make it last for a long time, or at any time of the day.

Face mist opinions and final considerations

Dry and dehydrated skin? Dull and tired? The skin only needs one thing: face mist! As we have seen, it represents a real beauty ritual to always carry with you, capable of keeping the skin of the face always hydrated at any time of the day.

Thanks to their powerful hydrating, refreshing, soothing and anti-aging action, face mist can instantly improve some of your skin’s needs, whether it is dry, impure or more or less mature.

So in a single product it is possible to find many benefits without having to resort to too many cosmetics sometimes not suitable for your skin type. Also ideal when the face is greyed, has lost tone and brightness.

The face mists are a fresh cloud that quenches the skin’s thirst, an easy gesture of well-being at your fingertips: just a splash and you’re off to a great start!