Jennifer Misner, the great love of Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond's ex-wife Jennifer Misner

The name of Jennifer Misner in these hours is bouncing on the net: Jennifer has been Dustin Diamond’s partner for years and between ups and downs the two have lived a long love story. The actor passed away on February 1, 2021 due to a very aggressive carcinoma that managed to take him away within a few weeks.

Dustin Diamond was a very famous actor for the role of Screech Powers played in the television series Bayside School, one of the iconic sitcoms of the 80s. In 1994 Dustin’s name was even inducted into the Young Hollywood Hall of Fame, a foundation that pays tribute to child actors and young actors who stand out in the world of cinema for their skill.

Only on January 14, 2021, the actor’s manager had publicly announced that Dustin Diamond was suffering from lung cancer already in the terminal stage. Not even the time to metabolize the news, because Dustin had been ill for some time and was already hospitalized in a California hospital, unfortunately he passed away at the age of 44 at the beginning of February.

In 2009 he was married to Jennifer Misner but the well informed swear that already in 2013 the two were separated. Between ups and downs, their love story lasted a long time. They met many years before, engaged for a long time: she was Dustin’s great love. In 2004, following an ectopic pregnancy, unfortunately the couple had to deal with a miscarriage. A tragic event that prompted the two, united in pain, to engage in social work and create the Dustin Diamond Foundation.

Not much is known about Jennifer Misner, the woman is very attentive to her privacy and far from the world of entertainment. It seems that after the separation, she Jennifer moved to Pennsylvania, where she lives. According to the information available on social networks, she, Jennifer, would work as a marketing director for a hotel, a professional sector in which she would have been working for several years.

Dustin’s disappearance comes like a bolt from the blue, and for all the boys who grew up in the 80s it is impossible not to give Screech a thought in these hours, remembering him as one of the symbolic characters of television of those years who in hindsight they appear so carefree and far too far away.