Facial yoga helps you take care of your appearance. Sample exercises

Facial yoga helps you take care of your appearance.  Sample exercises

Facial yoga is advertised as a natural way to maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance. Exercises, performed regularly and properly, will improve the contours of the face, reduce the depth of wrinkles and relax tired skin better than creams. What exercises are performed in facial yoga?

Facial yoga - what is facial yoga?  Sample exercises


  • Is facial yoga effective?
  • Facial yoga – how to prepare for exercises?
  • Facial yoga – alone or with an instructor?
  • A simple facial yoga exercise
  • Facial yoga is a type of facial gymnastics aimed at restoring skin firmness, improving blood circulation, eliminating toxins, smoothing and preventing wrinkles, and as a result, skin brightening and rejuvenation.

    Is facial yoga effective?

    Facial yoga is based on a holistic system of techniques drawing from yoga and Ayurveda. There are over 50 muscles in the facial skin that can be exercised just like any other. Thanks to regular training, they increase their volume and improve their tension. The first effects are visible after 2-3 weeks – the skin is visibly tightened thanks to natural lifting. Importantly, the exercises can be performed at any time and almost anywhere – before the morning toilet, in the car while stuck in a traffic jam, in the evening while watching TV, and even at work in front of a computer monitor. Just spend a few minutes exercising to help keep your skin firm and alleviate the effects of aging.

    Facial yoga – how to prepare for exercises?

    First of all, do not start exercising until you have warmed up and relaxed your face. It is worth applying olive oil or a delicate cream. Yoga is an exercise that improves the condition of the entire body, so before you start exercising, straighten your spine in a standing or lying position. Close your eyes. One popular way to achieve relaxation is to imagine a luminous ball that is initially located on the forehead, and then its light and warmth flows onto the entire face. Move your jaw left and right to relax it. Try to look out the window for a few minutes without moving any muscles – this way you will calm down and even out your breathing, which is the basis of all yoga techniques.

    Facial yoga – alone or with an instructor?

    If yoga is new to you, before you start individual exercises, go to a few lessons with an instructor who will explain how to perform the most important exercises so as not to hurt yourself. Moreover, as a professional, he will assess which parts of the face require the most intense training and which exercises will help eliminate imperfections.

    Once you have mastered the basic techniques and information about face yoga, there is nothing to stop you from starting exercises on your own. At the beginning, however, it is worth doing them in front of a mirror to control muscle movements – this will help you avoid possible bad habits in the future. Perform the exercises carefully and without rushing.

    A simple facial yoga exercise

    Smoothing out the vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows – surprised eyes position

    Open your eyes as wide as possible, but do not raise your eyebrows or wrinkle your forehead. Try to relax your entire face. Stare at the space in front of you for 5-10 seconds. Then close your eyes and press firmly, but be careful not to squint. Repeat this exercise 4 times. This way you will strengthen the circular muscles of your eyes and make the vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows less visible.

    Reducing bags under the eyes – Indian dancer’s position

    Keep your head straight and without turning it, look as far to the right as possible, hold for about 3 seconds. Look forward again and look to the left. Repeat the procedure 5 times, then close your eyes and “look” at the tip of your nose for about 5-10 seconds. Strengthened muscles will make the bags under the eyes disappear.

    Strengthening the muscles of the chin, neck and chin – bird position

    Turn your head to the right and lift your chin. Look at the ceiling and open your mouth. Touch your tongue to the upper palate and swallow. Then return to the starting position and repeat the procedure with your head turned to the left. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times on each side. In this position, you exercise all the most important muscles of the lower face.

    Strengthening the circular and cheek muscles

    Hook your index fingers at the corners of your lips and stretch your lips slightly. When stretching, make sure to tighten your orbicularis and cheek muscles to resist the stretch. Perform the exercise for about 5 seconds, relax your face and repeat the procedure about 10 times.

    Preventing the skin from falling and sagging under the eyes

    Smile broadly and place your index fingers in the place where you have the so-called Crow’s feet. Press them down while contracting the muscles under your eyelids to counter the resistance. Do not engage other facial muscles with this exercise. Perform about 20 repetitions, each lasting about 5-7 seconds.