For 63% of parents, audio content improved their children’s grades at school

For 63% of parents, audio content improved their children's grades at school

Audio content would bring multiple benefits to children’s mental health: good humor, calm, better self-esteem. The audio content would also allow them to improve their grades at school. In any case, this is what 63% of parents noticed, according to an American study.

A study conducted by ABF Creative, “2023 Sounds of Self-Esteem Report”, an American podcast production company, among 1013 parents of children aged 4 to 11, looked at the impact of audio content on children’s well-being, mental health and attitudes. And for a majority of parents, audio content is clearly an ally for school. 63% said they had noticed an improvement in their toddlers’ academic results and attributed this positive change to the consumption of audio content.

Parents also observed an improvement in their children’s general attitude, which they described as being more positive after listening to their favorite audio content. The parents surveyed also noticed that their children were calmer or more energetic after listening.

A powerful market

Positive repercussions which therefore necessarily improve the mental health of the youngest. 58% of parents said their children expressed higher self-esteem after listening to certain audio content, either by talking about themselves in a positive way, talking about other people or helping someone. Sociability is one of the aspects that has improved by listening to audio for 59% of parents.

This craze around audio content and other podcasts for children has been noticed by certain streaming platforms which target the Alpha generation. 70% of parents also felt that there was a need for more audio content to boost children’s mental health and self-esteem. More than 40% would like more educational content.

And this market could well prove lucrative given that 63% of parents said they were ready to integrate an audio content program intended to improve their child’s self-esteem into their daily lives. Most parents plan to listen three to four times a week, lasting 5 to 10 minutes or 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

Among this audio content, children are still more fond of music. According to 43% of parents, their children listen to music every day, 11% turn to audiobooks and 7% to podcasts.