Forgotten couples. From the Bailiff with Maccanico to the D’Urso with Memo Remigi

Forgotten couples. From the Bailiff with Maccanico to the D’Urso with Memo Remigi

Finished VIP loves: couples burst

The first love is never forgotten, but if it is about the VIPs it is difficult to keep track of their loves and their marriages that are born and end in the blink of an eye. If you chase the love indiscretions between Buffon-D’Amico and Seredova, if Marini does not spare us declarations about her now married life, there are a myriad of broken couples whose memory we have totally lost.

Before meeting Guido Maria Brera whom he married last August 30, Caterina Balivo had a long relationship with Nicola Maccanico, son of former minister Antonio Maccanico. It was 1980 and love broke out between a very young Barbara D’Urso and Memo Remigi. There was a 19-year difference between the two. And do you remember the turbulent relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss before he met Vanessa Paradis? And what about the 3-year marriage between Isabella Rossellini and Martin Scorsese?

In the nineties they led together the game of couples: here they are, Natalia Estrada and Giorgio Mastrota. They married in 1993 and separated 5 years later. Natalia Mastrota was born from their union. Among her ex-celebrities we mention Paolo Berlusconi. Now Natalia Estrada dedicates herself entirely to her passion, horses. Giorgio is the king of teleshopping. And what about Rosalinda Celentano and Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti? Those were the days of Vasco and La mia moto.

Do you remember when Sean Penn was just "Mr Madonna" and of Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise's first wife? Angelina Jolie has been with Brad Pitt since 2005, but was previously married to Jonny Lee Miller. It was the year 1984 when Mara Venier married Jerry Calà. Jennifer Garner didn't always pair up with Ben Affleck and Brooke Shields in the 80s she was married to a well-known tennis player.

Here is a rundown of VIP couples that you have certainly forgotten. Have fun!

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