Four dishes to avoid at a Japanese restaurant to stay in shape

Four dishes to avoid at a Japanese restaurant to stay in shape

Do you like Japanese food? If this cuisine is very tasty, be careful when making your choice, because certain dishes are particularly high in calories. Let’s take stock with Alexandra Murcier, dietitian nutritionist.

Our specialist recognizes this straight away: “It’s not easy to eat a balanced diet in Japanese restaurants“. However, here are four dishes that are particularly high in calories and are therefore best avoided for sure.

Sushi and maki

Made up of vinegared rice and raw fish, usually tuna or salmon, sushi has a high glycemic index. “Vinegar rice has a glycemic index almost as high as sugar, so the glycemic load is very high in sushi.” confirms Alexandra Murcier.

Same thing for makis, whose only difference from sushi is the sheet of black seaweed that surrounds them. These dishes also have the disadvantage of containing “polluted fish, which absorb heavy metals” adds the dietitian, who also warns against accompanying sauces. “Soy sauces, whether sweet or savory, add salt or further increase the glycemic index of the dish.

Les sashimi

Sashimi does not contain rice, it is thin slices of raw fish served alone. “But as with sushi and makis, they are generally fish polluted with heavy metals, tuna and salmon generally too. Consumption should be limited, especially during pregnancy.” advises our expert.

On the other hand, if you like sashimi, it is possible to find alternatives in certain Japanese restaurants, with eel or sea bream sashimi, which are fish that absorb less heavy metals.

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Beef and cheese skewers

Beef and cheese skewers, offered in Japanese restaurants under the name yakitori, should also be avoided. “They are rich in saturated fatty acids, which are bad for the cardiovascular system. reminds our expert. As an alternative, Alexandra Murcier offers chicken or salmon skewers. “But we come back to the problem of heavy metals, with salmon, so it is difficult to eat healthy and balanced in this type of restaurant. You must therefore go there more occasionally” she concludes.