Four European locations for reboot and restoration

Four Russian locations for reboot and restoration

Famous prevent-age resort “First Line Health Care Resort” in Zelenogorsk near St. Petersburg offers a new approach to rebooting the body and slowing down the aging process. Mitochondria, the energy nucleus of the cell, is responsible for its
durability and proper operation, and the new program of the resort on the Gulf of Finland aims to launch these processes at full capacity. Today this program is called one of the most
promising technologies for managing health at the intracellular level.

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How to achieve the desired result? The resort’s specialists offer a full-fledged wellness course lasting from five
up to ten days. It starts with a comprehensive check-up, during which the overall picture becomes clear, with weak points and problem areas of the body. They are trying to correct health “bugs” on different fronts, using physical activity (First Line has an excellent fitness room with Technogym equipment in collaboration with the Dior brand), courses in mental well-being, and an individual plan for proper nutrition (in the resort’s gourmet restaurant , specializing in the formation of healthy habits, but not at the expense of taste experiments).

And of course, hardware programs. For example, it is proposed to “harden” mitochondria using interval-hypoxic training of cells, as well as during atomic hydrogen
rejuvenation and course of gene expression. In combination with cryotherapy, magnesium salt wraps (using Thalion cosmetics) and sports massage. As a result, they promise not only improvement
well-being and general improvement of the body by debugging metabolic processes, but also a significant slowdown in aging.

You can try a new format of a full-cycle health institution in Kislovodsk. MediSpa-отель MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk combines Western practices with Eastern ones. The technique is based on the principles of Mayer medicine (an integrated approach to body correction, originally developed in Austria) together with Ayurveda. These include mental practices, work with digestion, physical activity, and, of course, various procedures. The hotel’s programs include everything from Charcot’s shower and Nordic walking to rituals with singing bowls and yoga, as well as a lot of proprietary developments: herbal remedies, vitamin droppers.

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This spring, the collection of MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk wellness modules was replenished with a course of therapeutic fasting. It will not only help you lose weight by summer, but will also work out problems with your immune system in order to cleanse your body and feel the surge of strength that is so needed after the winter period. The program starts with a comprehensive check-up. Then an individual nutrition plan is drawn up with accurate calorie counting. Algae wraps, intravenous detox cocktail and mud applications help activate metabolism, cleanse the liver and intestines. And also – as an unexpected but proven effect – they improve memory and generally help take brain function to a new level.

They also offer several programs for the cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory systems. For example, the new “Personal Nutrition” check includes diagnostics and a plan for eliminating body problems with the help of individual recommendations on diet, water, drinking and salt balance, physical activity and stress resistance. The bespoke format program takes into account the individual characteristics of each person: the nature of metabolism, nutritional status, genetic predisposition and even hidden allergies.

Fans of Mayer medicine don’t have to travel far from Moscow. Works successfully in Pushkino near Moscow Verba Mayr complex, has won numerous awards in the wellness industry. Mayer treatment is primarily work with the intestines and
detox Following the principle of the legendary Austrian nutritionist Dr. Mayer “a healthy intestine – a healthy body”, the institute creates an individual dietary plan (don’t be afraid,
it’s delicious), physical activity and mental practices.

The ideal option is to come here for three weeks, but if you don’t have much time, you can choose the eight-day option. Or even a three-day check-in to assess the state of the body as a whole and understand what needs to be worked on. The complex, surrounded by relict pine trees, features laconic interiors and a large thermal area with an atmospheric panoramic pool.

The basic Mayer detox program can be supplemented with special options, depending on the task at hand. This could include weight loss and anti-stress therapy. And of course, all “settings” are set individually. The recreation and wellness plan is drawn up in advance (the consultant will contact the guest two weeks in advance and discuss all the details) and, if necessary, adjusted on the spot.

The current trend is preventive health practices. In particular, he also specializes in them Adaptive Medicine Clinic X-Clinic in Repino near St. Petersburg. Guests can choose from several basic programs, but, of course, the format of relaxation and treatment can be customized. The clinic offers comprehensive and targeted check-ups, as well as a variety of programs for recovery, healing and preventive care for the body. Here you can try neuroenergometry, functional 3D brain mapping, bioacoustic correction and electrosleep therapy.

X-Clinic also has its own spa area (almost 1 thousand sq. m) and a large panoramic pool. The clinic offers classic detox, recovery programs after pulmonary diseases, and active longevity courses designed for ages 65+. Among the new products is the Healthy Longevity program, which meets the trend towards personalized medicine. The course requires 14 days. Based on the results, a restart of the body at the cellular level is expected (as they say here, a return to basic settings), comprehensive rejuvenation and improvement of cognitive processes. The program helps the body gain strength, pump up the immune system and improve the psycho-emotional state, which, of course, is the basis of all fundamentals.