Four signs you’re sleep deprived

Four signs you're sleep deprived

We don’t always realize it, but when we lack sleep, our body lets us know. What are the signs that it’s time to get more sleep? TipsForWomens answers you.

Little or heavy sleeper, early riser or night owl: when it comes to sleep, there are everyone’s habits but also their needs. What are the signs that you are sleep deprived? Check them out.

Constant fatigue, especially during the day

This may seem trivial and we don’t always pay attention to it. However, the first sign of a lack of sleep is simply fatigue. If you regularly feel tired throughout your day, ask yourself: am I getting enough sleep? Beyond the discomfort that we may feel, particularly at work (concentration problems, memory problems, attentional difficulties) when we are tired during the day, we must also question the potential presence of a Sleep Apnea. Indeed, due to the disruption of sleep at night, sleep apnea syndrome causes drowsiness during the day.

A bad mood

We can never repeat it enough: sleep is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Not getting enough sleep leads to mood disorders, with the risk of depression. But before getting to that point, lack of sleep can cause mood swings, nervousness, irritability, etc.

Weight gain and cravings for snacking

Lack of sleep can also affect weight. Some studies show that, even over a few nights, losing hours of sleep promotes fat storage. Lack of sleep also influences snacking, so if you’re tempted to eat more during the day, try getting more sleep!

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The decline of the immune system

Finally, if you are often sick, consider making the connection with a potential lack of sleep. Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that insufficient sleep disrupts the immune system and makes it vulnerable to infections, particularly those caused by parasites and fungi.