Friends, Tancredi's emotion for his father and three things that (perhaps) you missed

Exciting semifinal at "Amici 2021", between tears and emotion, from Tancredi to Sangiovanni

Strong emotions in the semi-final of Amici 2021 where there was no lack of tears and emotion. From Tancredi to Sangiovanni up to Aka7even, the students of Maria De Filippi's show talked about themselves on stage as they had never done before.

Tancredi, who in the past had never wanted to reveal much about his family, spoke for the first time about his father's relationship and the sadness of the distance between the two. The Amici 2021 singer is the son of a rather well-known character. This is Alberto Cantù Rajnoldi, creative director of the Armani brand. In the first round of the challenge to access the show's final, Tancredi performed on the notes of Come Home, inserting some bars dedicated to his father.

"I'm sick because I really care about you – sang the artist -. I can no longer hear you with just one call. I can't wait to hug you again and go home ". Arisa appeared enthusiastic about the performance and wanted to compliment the boy for his ability to tell his experience in such an effective way. “I wrote those words for my father – explained Tancredi -. We are close even if we are far away, I miss him so much ". The singer of Amici 2021, who has always been very reserved, did not want to reveal anything more about his parents last episode. This time, however, Tancredi did not evade the questions of Maria De Filippi, but revealed the sadness for the distance from the family. If her father, Alberto Cantù Rajnoldi, works in the fashion world, her mother Angela is a famous painter. Tancredi also has two brothers, Ruben and Angelica.

The singer was not the only one to be moved during the semi-final of Amici 2021. The emotion also overwhelmed Sangiovanni who found his redemption on the show after a difficult past. “Getting to this final for me doesn't just mean being in the final on a television program – he confessed -, but it means having found my place in the world. I have always been unsuited to any kind of context existing on this planet and here for the first time I felt understood. I have to thank all of you, really ”. And when Giulia got the final too, she ran to hug her. For the first time the singer let the audience see his tears: "Sangio for the first time you got excited – commented Maria De Filippi -, but they are beautiful emotions".

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