Friendship: these signs that show it’s time to cut ties

Friendship: these signs that show it's time to cut ties

Making friends is sometimes easier than losing them. However, there is sometimes a moment when it is essential to cut ties with a person. What are the telltale signs? TipsForWomens takes stock with Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

It’s always sad to end a friendship. But this decision is sometimes essential, in certain cases. So how do you know if it’s time to no longer have a relationship with this person? Here are the signs to watch out for.

You always make the effort to be in touch

If we tend to make more effort than the other, whether to call each other or suggest meeting up, we need to ask ourselves the right questions: do we have the same expectations, can -maybe we want to make the relationship work more quickly” first analyzes the psychologist. In this case, she recommends sitting down and taking a step back to study the relationship. ““It allows you to think about it and see if that’s what you want and if those efforts are worth it.”

You feel like you’re constantly competing

This is a sign that is all the more true among men, even if it exists among female friends as well. “It really is a speaking sign. Men can be competitive, especially when they have been friends since childhood. At some point, with age, mentalities change and the relationship can change with it. But one thing should not change: when a friend cares about you, he is not in competition with you. True friends are by your side, they want to see you succeed.” added Siyana Mincheva.

You can no longer trust yourself

This is a very good indicator, because it means that trust is no longer present, whereas among friends you should feel completely comfortable and allow yourself to feel vulnerable or express your emotional fragilities at will. with each other without worrying about being judged or ridiculed. “People who are your friends, but who don’t want to see you succeed, will tend to put you down or shift the spotlight onto them. That’s when you feel betrayed and you can no longer share anything with that person.” says our expert.

There are more arguments than friendship

Arguments are normal, but if they are too frequent, you have to ask yourself the question. “This is close to the feeling of competition, arguments bring egos into play” explains Siyana Mincheva. “When we have a good friend, their presence, their advice… make us vibrate in the right way. If it doesn’t, it’s a toxic friendship. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t meet this person, on the contrary, it builds your character to better choose your future friends.” estimates the specialist

Good in his body, good in his head!

Your friend doesn’t want you to make other friends

When our friends don’t want us to make other friends, it’s a toxic sign. “If we are limited by our friends, it means that these friends do not want us to feel comfortable and to be good” estime Siyana Mincheva. “This is similar to the narcissistic pervert, who does not want to share his victim with anyone. There is abuse, so when we question ourselves, for our well-being, we must remove this type of person from our circle“.