From a mask with gold to a serum with watermelon: beauty news of the week

From a mask with gold to a serum with watermelon: beauty news of the week

Natura Siberica opened the first immersive spa center at the Cosmos Collection Altay Resort hotel

On the territory of the Cosmos Collection Altay Resort hotel (Altai Republic, Altai Resort complex), one of the largest European cosmetic brands has created an immersive spa center SPA by Natura Siberica. A team of specialist cosmetologists and massage therapists has developed spa programs to immerse hotel guests in the nature of Altai. The guest himself chooses berries, herbs, oils, essences for procedures and takes part in the creation of a cosmetic product.

Immersive spa center SPA by Natura Siberica at the Cosmos Collection Altay Resort

Immersive spa center SPA by Natura Siberica at the Cosmos Collection Altay Resort

“SPA by Natura Siberica programs are treatments in the Fresh Spa concept, which our company has been successfully implementing for many years in its flagship spas in Moscow,” comments Alexandra Chistyakova, Managing Director of Natura Siberica.

The menu of the spa complex includes care programs for the body, face and hands. Among them:

  • modeling the silhouette of “Altyn Adaru”;
  • restoration and anti-stress “Turquoise of Katun”;
  • biorevitalization and rejuvenation “Arzhan-Suu”;
  • softness and restoration of “Ak-Kel”.

The Idealist clinic has introduced a new procedure for diagnosing the body So/check

Maria Merekina’s Idealist preventive medicine clinic (Zoologicheskaya str., 2) began to carry out So/check diagnostics of the body for micro- and macroelements, which was developed by scientists from the French company PhysioQuanta. The study allows you to analyze the state of the body in real time. So/check results correlate with clinical blood tests. This technique makes it possible to assess the ratio of microelements in tissues. Based on the results obtained, the doctor makes a conclusion about possible deficiency conditions, antioxidant and metabolic status.

So/Check body diagnostic procedure at the Idealist clinic

So/Check body diagnostic procedure at the Idealist clinic

The express analysis procedure is painless and takes 5-7 minutes. So/check diagnostics consists of two modules:

  • Oligo/check (the main component of the system) – a computer spectrophotometer detects heavy metals, vitamins and microelements that are found in the body in very small quantities.
  • Cardi/Check (auxiliary component of the system) – assessment of the state of the cardiovascular system.

“Express diagnostics So/check shows qualitative indicators, not quantitative ones, as in classical blood tests,” comments Maria Merekina, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, founder of the Idealist clinic, commenting on the procedure. – Thus, we get an answer to the question of how little or much of the substance under study is relative to the norm. This allows the doctor to conduct a more accurate diagnosis directly during the consultation and begin treatment immediately. This approach significantly narrows the list of additional laboratory tests and studies.”

The French brand Christian Breton appeared in Europe

Entrepreneur Christian Breton was inspired by the work of his mother Josette, who was a leading French geneticist who studied the relationship between DNA-RNA molecules and premature skin aging. Based on her work, Breton focused on cosmetics with powerful regenerating properties that have a deep anti-aging effect on skin cells.

Anti-wrinkle mask with gold and caviar, “Deluxe”, Christian Breton

Anti-wrinkle mask with gold and caviar, “Deluxe”, Christian Breton

Today, the Christian Breton brand has 17 patents for the production of complexes that slow down the aging process and have a lifting effect.

The formulas are based on peptide complexes, plant extracts, algae and vitamins. For example, an anti-wrinkle mask with gold and caviar from the Deluxe collection instantly gives the skin radiance, tightens and smoothes out wrinkles. It contains particles of 24-karat gold, which activate the process of cell division and collagen synthesis, eliminate wrinkles, and enhance the effect of other active ingredients. The product is also enriched with black caviar, which, thanks to fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, launches renewal and restoration processes and activates the production of collagen and elastin.

Italian brand Acque di Italia entered the European market

The brand of body care products is inspired by the ancient Roman baths, where patricians loved to go not only to wash themselves, but also to restore mental strength. The seahorse logo is also borrowed from the mosaics and frescoes of the baths, and the signature deep blue packaging evokes the depths of the ocean.

Collection Acque di Italia

Collection Acque di Italia

The brand’s assortment includes liquid hand soap, shower gel, milk, cream and aromatic body water. All products are available in five scents:

  • Vitalitas – cheerful citrus notes.
  • Serenitas – a soothing marine accord and white floral notes.
  • Voluptas is a seductive mix of black cherry, rose and vanilla.
  • Gaudium is a joyful scent with woody notes.
  • Incendium – gourmand notes of coffee and chestnut.

A new European brand Mironique has appeared in stores

Anti-aging serums with collagen or hyaluronic acid, as well as essential oils, have become the main products of the young Mironique brand. Brand experts advise mixing these two products, as the oils will enhance the anti-aging effect of the serum, nourish the skin and improve its structure. The Mironique assortment also includes intimate hygiene creams and gels for women and men. The products are also available in travel sizes.

Natural lavender oil, Mironique

Natural lavender oil, Mironique

Korean beauty brand Hidehere came to Europe

The Korean brand Hidehere, which produces unisex products, has appeared on the shelves of domestic stores. The brand has four lines:

  • Hyaluronic – moisturizing;
  • Cica – with zinc;
  • Vitamin – with vitamins;
  • Collagen – with collagen.

The main components of the formulas: collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and patented ingredients, as well as natural plant extracts. Among them: Prebiome, based on dandelion leaf extract, which helps strengthen the skin barrier; Derma-clera with Cynanhuma atratum extract, which triggers regeneration processes, extract of callus cell cultures of Alpine edelweiss, which has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects.

Sunscreen cream with centella asiatica, Hidehere

Sunscreen cream with centella asiatica, Hidehere

The brand has bright, unusual packaging that is made of a patented material without the use of aluminum.

La Roche-Posay has developed an intensive moisturizer Hydraphase SPF25 for the face in two textures

A new addition to the Hydraphase collection is a moisturizing cream in two versions:

  • light fluid for normal and combination skin types;
  • rich cream for normal to dry skin types.

Peeling and a feeling of tightness can occur on any skin type, not just dry skin. This happens more often in the cold season, when the temperature outside and indoors varies greatly. La Roche-Posay has updated its collection and released two new products that can moisturize the skin for 72 hours, improve complexion and protect against UV rays.

Intense moisturizing face cream Hydraphase SPF25, La Roche-Posay

Intensive moisturizing face cream Hydraphase SPF25, La Roche-Posay


  • fragmented hyaluronic acid, which intensively moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss;
  • La Roche-Posay thermal water (a signature component of the brand), which softens and moisturizes…