From Fakoshima fragrance to Korres cream: beauty news of the week

From Fakoshima fragrance to Korres cream: beauty news of the week

Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives and Mille Fey beauty salons have announced a joint giveaway

Guests of the Mille Fey beauty salons, paying for services and goods worth more than 100 thousand rubles, can receive a prize – three nights for two at the five-star Mövenpick Resort Kuredhivaru hotel, located on the secluded Noonu Atoll in the north of the Maldives. The drawing will last until April 5.

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Fakoshima released a commercial promoting the Acqua Gotica fragrance

Perfumer Yaroslav Simonov played on contrasts in the Acqua Gotica fragrance: sea water and salt dissolve in a floral accord of osmanthus and rose, which sways on notes of smoky styrax and amber. Konstantin Shilyaev and Yaroslav Simonov, creators of the Fakoshima brand, commented on the idea of ​​creating a fragrance and video: “Acqua Gotica is the song of a siren, beckoning to where everything is genuine, pure and therefore simple. Not everyone can decide to go on a journey that can change them.” The advertising video was shot by director and video artist Yaroslava Popova.

Korres has developed the Santorini Grape line for the care of problem skin

The Greek brand continues to explore the beneficial properties of local flora. This time, the attention of the brand’s specialists was attracted by grapes from the island of Santorini. The formulas of the new line use grape extract, which has a high content of polyphenols and a powerful antioxidant effect. The composition of Santorini Grape products (moisturizer, serum and face mask) also included grape seed oil, salicylic acid, green and white clay, AHA and BHA acids.

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Santorini Grape products gently cleanse, brighten the skin and tighten enlarged pores, and also have exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, preventing the formation of closed comedones and acne.

A night remedy has appeared in the Youth Boosters line, Ahava

The main advantage of the new night cream is the Smartuim adaptive encapsulation technology, which helps the Osmoter complex, peptides, Dunaliella salina algae, niacinamide and yeast protein penetrate the skin faster and deeper. As a result, it acquires a more even tone, an intensive renewal process begins, and wrinkles become less pronounced.

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Tonka Perfumes introduced perfumed shower gel Lure by Mira

The European brand Tonka Perfumes Moscow has expanded its Lure by Mira collection with a moisturizing shower gel. Its aroma contains notes of freesia flowers and water lotus, lychee berries, vanilla and white musk. The formula of the product contains betaine for softness of the skin, as well as aloe vera and panthenol, which moisturize, soothe, prevent moisture loss, promote regeneration and strengthen the protective barrier.

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Hadat Cosmetics presented hair care kits

The Israeli brand specializes in hair care products. They are based on the innovative Sea Oil Silk technology – a combination of nourishing oils, algae extracts and Dead Sea minerals. Thanks to the new technology, hair is restored, acquires a silky shine, becomes softer and more elastic.

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This spring, the brand added to its range sets with Hydro Silk Combo, Rapair Silk Combo, Growth Silk Combo, as well as “Liquid Silk”, “Moisturizing”, “Regenerating”, “For Hair Growth”.

Muzigae Mansion is releasing a collection of cushions Sleek

The Korean brand has released cushions in four basic shades, from porcelain to dark beige. The long-lasting formula not only has a matte finish, but also enhances the skin’s natural radiance. The product is evenly distributed and lays down like a weightless veil, hiding post-acne marks and other imperfections. Formula includes:

  • the Glossom component, which ensures an even distribution of pigment and adapts to the skin tone;
  • Damask rose extract, moisturizing and nourishing the skin;
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  • Peruvian maca extract, stabilizing level
    moisture, removing toxins and activating metabolic processes in cells;
  • glacier water from Switzerland – used as a foundation base;
  • innovative active component Hibiskin Vita, obtained from the hibiscus flower – has moisturizing and antioxidant properties, gives skin elasticity,
    smoothes fine wrinkles and improves cellular metabolism.

Icon skin created an exfoliating toner with mandelic acid

The European brand has developed a new exfoliating tonic for all skin types. It will be especially appreciated by those who are faced with the appearance of inflammation and post-acne. The product gently exfoliates the skin, cleanses pores, evens out texture and tone, helps lighten age spots and post-acne, has an anti-inflammatory effect, maintains moisture balance and a protective barrier. A formula based on mandelic acid at a concentration of 6% is responsible for this effect. Additional components are extracts of licorice and Asian centella, catechins and betaine.

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Booster Bar presented micro-needle patches for the area around the eyes

The formula of the new micro-needle patches includes sodium hyaluronate, argireline and madecassoside. Microneedles made of polymerized hyaluronic acid dissolve within the tissues, stimulating metabolic processes in cells, moisturizing, brightening and rejuvenating the skin, while muscle relaxant peptides relax areas of facial activity and smooth out facial wrinkles.

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Bisou asked women about happiness

The domestic cosmetics brand Bisou decided to find out from European women what makes them happy, and is now sharing the results. More than 2 thousand respondents took part in the survey.

  • For 61% of European women, women’s happiness is family and children;
  • 49% of respondents make love and respect happy;
  • 29% of respondents associate happiness with self-realization.
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You need it has developed a facial scrub with enzymes and magnesium 7-in-1 Face Polish

A polishing facial scrub gently cleanses the skin, making it smoother and more even. Contains:

  • menthol, which disinfects the skin, helps eliminate toxins and eliminate inflammation, and has a calming effect;
  • papain, which evens out the skin microrelief and stimulates regeneration and cellular renewal;
  • ceramides that heal the skin, preventing aging.
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La Roche-Posay has updated its Effaclar Duo+M cream gel

The updated Effaclar Duo+M corrective cream-gel for problem skin fights acne and blackheads clogged with pores, prevents the re-formation of acne, moisturizes and mattifies the skin. A new component of the formula is phylobiome active, which reduces the growth of bacteria that contribute to acne, as well as reduces excess sebum production and prevents inflammation.

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Formula components:

  • Niacinamide – prevents the appearance of dark spots and reduces their severity, soothes the skin, helps reduce redness;
  • Prokerad (patented ceramide) – prevents the appearance of marks…