From sleep oil to shimmering body gel: beauty news of the week

From sleep oil to shimmering body gel: beauty news of the week

The founder of Mille Fey published a book, and new laser rejuvenation appeared in beauty salons

The other day, Elena Temirgalieva, the founder of the Mille Fey beauty salons and the online cosmetics store of the same name, presented the book “Create your own beautiful business.” In the book, she talks about step-by-step building a successful business from scratch based on her 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. This is not an economics textbook, but stories and tips that will help beauty entrepreneurs (both beginners and professionals) work in a crisis.

Elena Temirgalieva at the presentation of her book “Create your own beautiful business”

Elena Temirgalieva at the presentation of her book “Create your own beautiful business”

In addition, laser rejuvenation has appeared in Mille Fey salons based on the patented non-surgical FT (fractional laser photothermolysis) technique, which rejuvenates the skin using two types of lasers – erbium and neodymium. The result is a clear oval of the face, elimination of wrinkles and sagging skin, treatment of acne, leveling of small blood vessels on the body, giving tone to the skin of the hands. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure and will increase over the course of a month. At the same time, the technique has no rehabilitation or pain.

Babor x Falconeri started giving gifts

Until October 15, when purchasing in Falconeri stores, customers will receive a Doctor Babor beauty set with a miniature of the anti-aging cream “Pro-Retinol Triple Renewal” as a gift. On the website, buyers will receive a gift in the form of a cashmere scarf.

Collaboration Babor x Falconeri

Babor x Falconeri collaboration

Sempre x Payot launched a special menu and lottery

The limited menu at the Sempre restaurant (Bolshaya Dmitrovka str., 22, building 1) includes young asparagus with salmon and poached egg and rice porridge in coconut milk with fruit and passion fruit sauce. When ordering breakfast, guests automatically become participants in a win-win lottery. Among the prizes:

  • moisturizing face cream with lavender essential oil Herbier Crème Universelle Visage Lavande;
  • detox mask Morning Mask Hangover with goji berries and acai;
  • Roselift Collagene Patch Yeux eye patches with silk tree extract;
  • bamboo hair comb, cosmetic bag, water bottle and much more.
Collaboration Sempre x Payot

Sempre x Payot collaboration

You can try dishes from the special menu and take part in the lottery until October 18.

Korean vegan brand Saturday Skin brought to Europe

The Korean brand has become famous for its natural facial care cosmetics based on superfoods and natural antioxidants. The name “Saturday Skin” reflects the brand’s philosophy: weekends are a time for relaxation and pleasure, and there should be no stress during this time. This is the key to beautiful skin. The formulas are based on a patented peptide complex, CHA-7 Complex, derived from protein from plants. Its main task is to activate the skin’s natural ability to regenerate. The brand also supports the idea of ​​multifunctionality of products – for example, a toner not only cleanses, but also moisturizes the skin, and a makeup remover balm also nourishes, like a face cream.

Saturday Skin brand

Saturday Skin brand

HFC Paris has developed a shimmering body gel Diamond in the Sky

The Diamond in the Sky body collection has been replenished with body gel, which contains gold particles. The delicate, refreshing gel texture cleanses the skin without drying it out. After use, the delicate woody-balsamic aroma of Diamond in the Sky remains on the body, in which notes of saffron, caramel, pink berries, white hawthorn, cashmere wood, as well as vanilla and amber are heard.

Shimmering body gel Diamond in the Sky, HFC Paris

Shimmering body gel Diamond in the Sky, HFC Paris

Sluu presented foot oil “Deep Sleep”

The motto of the young brand is “Sluu is not only fragrances, but also psychological support that will lift your spirits, relieve stress and make you happier with the help of essential oils.” For those who want to improve their sleep, the founders of the brand advise trying the Deep Sleep foot oil with a delicate floral aroma. The product is based on Egyptian jojoba oil and French lemon balm essential oil, which is known for its soothing properties.

Foot oil “Deep sleep”, Sluu

Foot oil “Deep sleep”, Sluu

(comfort zone) compiled an anti-aging set “Intensive lifting”

Inside the eco-box there is an intensive rejuvenating lifting serum Sublime Skin in a reusable bottle and a refill product that is suitable for skin 25+ and 35+. The serum contains: an innovative anti-aging hexapeptide, Achillea millefolium extract and hyaluronic acid, which have a Botox effect, smoothing and strengthening the skin.

Set “Intensive lifting”, (comfort zone)

Set “Intensive lifting”, (comfort zone)

Veracova presented two products with hyaluronic acid

“My moisturizer” with an ultra-light, refreshing texture designed for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It becomes soft, moisturized and smooth thanks to the Aquaxyl complex based on moisturizing saccharides. The formula is supplemented with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the Hydreis component, which evens out skin microrelief, and nourishing macadamia oil.

“My moisturizing cream” with hyaluronic acid, Veracova

Serum for eye and lip contour with hyaluronic acid and amino acids for wrinkle correction also includes Rejuvera complex with boreal algae, pomegranate, edelweiss, patented bioavailable peptides and extracts of wakame algae, iris and watercress flowers. The serum smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and lips. For maximum effect, the tube is equipped with a special ceramic applicator.

Vichy has created Liftactiv Retinol Specialist serum for the correction of deep wrinkles

Serum with retinol is designed to combat wrinkles on the forehead and corners of the lips, as well as between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds. In addition, the product will help correct sagging skin in the lower part of the face. “Retinol (vitamin A) is one of the most effective anti-aging components,” notes Altana Bazyleva, dermatologist and cosmetologist. “Its popularity is also facilitated by the fact that it works with many tasks at once and gives visible results in almost all the main areas of correcting age-related changes: wrinkles, pigmentation, skin texture, epidermis renewal.”

Serum Liftactiv Retinol Specialist for the correction of deep wrinkles, Vichy

Liftactiv Retinol Specialist serum for the correction of deep wrinkles, Vichy

Arcaya has released an anti-aging serum Vitamin C Serum with vitamin C

The new product is designed for stressed skin that needs to regain smoothness, natural radiance, freshness, and also smooth out wrinkles. The formula is suitable even for sensitive skin. Contains: aloe vera leaf juice, stable version of vitamin C (3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), hyaluronic acid and seaweed and goji berry extracts.

Anti-aging serum, Vitamin C Serum, Arcaya

Anti-aging serum Vitamin C Serum, Arcaya