From the Tattoo Master scent to long-lasting BB cream: beauty news of the week

From the Tattoo Master scent to long-lasting BB cream: beauty news of the week

The aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic TORI talked about recovery after blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries that requires careful restoration. Olga Ibrakova, a dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist at the aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic TORI (Moscow, 3rd Donskoy pr-d, 1), spoke about the importance of restorative procedures after blepharoplasty: “The first and main stage is the removal of swelling and getting rid of hematomas. We work with them using microcurrents, which enhance drainage and promote more active removal of stagnant fluid, which helps reduce bruising and reduce the excretion of hemoglobin in tissues. We also use an RF lifting device and activate blood and lymph circulation, thereby reducing swelling, and improve tissue trophism, promoting recovery.”

Olga Ibrakova, dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist at the TORI aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic

Olga Ibrakova, dermatovenerologist and cosmetologist at the TORI aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic

As the doctor notes, then it is time to work with telangiectasia (“spider veins”) in the suture area (above or below it), which sometimes remains after blepharoplasty and gives the effect of a pink eyelid. “As for the seam itself, it can remain pink for a long time – in this case, we work with it with the BBL device in standard mode, which allows us to lighten the seam in several procedures. If the seam is very tight, pulls, or is slightly deformed (which is extremely rare with blepharoplasty), we use special medications,” concludes Olga Ibrakova.

Spanish perfume brand Genyum appeared in Rive Gauche

The Genyum brand arose thanks to Anna Torrents, who grew up in a creative family. Inspired by the work of her sculptor father, she created a perfume brand. The concept is built around creative professions. The brand’s range includes the following scents:

  • Woody-spicy “Painter”, created by Jordi Fernandez. The composition includes notes of black pepper, kelp and vetiver.
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  • Floral-woody “Sculptor” by Yann Vanier. The aroma includes notes of juniper, iris and cypriol.
  • Flower-fruity blend “Ballerina” from Jordi Fernandez consists of Damask rose, iris, vanilla.
  • The citrusy-woody “Musician” by Amelie Jacquin is blended with notes of yuzu, orange blossom and cedar.
  • The woody oriental “Writer”, created by Louise Turner, consists of incense, rose and cypriol.
  • The oriental leather gourmet Tatoo master, created by Sonia Constant, shimmers with notes of lavender, cardamom and cedar.
  • In the spicy oriental “Actor” by Gael Montero, notes of pink pepper, rose and incense are heard.

Thalion has developed a nighttime smoothing firming face mask

The brand’s new product is a 2 in 1 product – a gentle nourishing face cream and a restorative mask. Contains patented marine active ingredients such as Collagenage 72, Murraya-Lastin, Ulva lactuca, Palmaria palmata, Sea Age 3A, as well as hyaluronic acid (low and medium molecular weight), sesame oil and vitamin E, which make the skin more elastic , elastic, dense, trigger cell regeneration, even out the relief and tone.

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22|11 cosmetics released the first limited-edition skin care box

Inside the 22|11 Pink box from brand founder Tigran Geolettsyan are three bestsellers: body and hair cream-oil “BO – Peony + Bergamot”, hair and body oil “TO – Peony + 7 Complex”, lip balm “LB – Peony + Pink Pepper.” The main component of the formulas is natural peony extract, which moisturizes and improves skin color, corrects unevenness, reduces wrinkles, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss, intensively nourishes the scalp, and restores hair structure.

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Krygina cosmetics has expanded its Skin Care skin care line

The brand has added four face masks to its assortment:

  • “Cleansing and renewal”;
  • “Moisturizing and elasticity”;
  • “Recovery and nutrition”;
  • “Healthy tone and radiance.”
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The formulas are based on active ingredients such as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, squalane, vitamin complex and other ingredients. Masks are suitable for any skin type. They can be used one at a time or combined with each other.

Somelove introduced micellar water

Somelove specialists included natural ingredients in the new micellar water:

  • squalane – to moisturize the skin and strengthen the hydrolipid barrier;
  • emollient made from coconut and olive oils, which makes the skin silky and soft;
  • betaine salicytate (a derivative of betaine obtained from beets and salicylic acid) – for moisturizing and gentle cleansing;
  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and arginine (an amino acid from glucose) – to maintain skin hydration and elasticity;
  • levulinic acid (from sugar cane), which retains all the properties of the ingredients for two years (unopened).
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The new micellar water gently cleanses the skin without leaving dryness or tightness. The new product is suitable for any skin type.

SkinCouture presented a moisturizing serum-cream for oily skin

The new Ultramate Hydrating Serum controls sebum secretion, moisturizes the skin, helps tighten pores, and also restores the microbiome, soothes and mattifies the skin all day long. Powerful results are provided by components such as niacinamide, pumpkin enzymes, phytic acid, larch sponge extract, lysates (lacto-, bifido- and propionic acid bacteria), hyaluronic acid, beta-glucans, aloe juice, vitamin E and quaternized honey.

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A new brand I’M has appeared in Europe

The new brand of body care cosmetics is distinguished by its natural composition and long-lasting aroma. Currently the brand has four products in its assortment:

  1. Shower gel with moisturizing components gently cleanses the skin.
  2. Cream butter based on natural oils nourishes the skin.
  3. Salt scrub with shimmer Based on shea butter, jojoba and almond, it delicately cleanses the skin and gives it radiance.
  4. Body milk with grape seed oil, which nourishes and restores the skin.
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Vivienne Sabó was inspired by the Arabian Night

The European brand presented an advertising campaign for the new Cabaret Noir Arabique mascara starring Turkish actor Akın Akınezü. The idea of ​​creating the product and video was inspired by oriental fairy tales. The new product has a rich black color and creates the effect of voluminous eyelashes. It is easy to apply without lumps thanks to the tapered plastic brush. Moisture-resistant mascara envelops eyelashes, making them thicker, longer and more voluminous. Cabaret Noir Arabique does not flake or leave marks on the skin, so it can be used in hot climates.

SHU has expanded its collection of decorative products

The Spanish brand has two new foundations – Dewy Skin BB cream and Matte to the Bone matting foundation. Each product is available in four shades. The first product with SPF30 will appeal to those who love a matte finish and a light velvety finish. The product contains extracts of nasturtium and horehound, which care for the skin and create a natural matte finish.

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