‘Glazed blush’: the make-up technique for an immediate healthy glow in winter and summer

'Glazed blush': the make-up technique for an immediate healthy glow in winter and summer

Long neglected, blush made a strong comeback in our bathrooms in 2022 to establish itself as a must-have in the beauty routine. And it’s not about to stop, as shown by the new rising trend, ‘glazed blush’, which is characterized by a healthy-looking complexion that is fresh, natural and luminous. A whole program which is reminiscent of a certain craze for beauty treatments which enhance the skin, more than they camouflage flaws.

In the cosmetics sector, today there are natural ingredients, skincare, a touch of makeup and… Hailey Baldwin. The American model turned businesswoman can pride herself on making beauty trends rain or shine, to the point that each of her inspirations turns into a trend, or even a real fashion phenomenon. We saw it with the ‘butterfly liner’, the ‘strawberry make-up’, and more recently the ‘sugar plum fairy’, but that’s not all. The young woman is also directly associated with all so-called glazed or glossy inspirations, such as ‘glazed donut nails’, ‘glazed skin’, ‘glazed eyes’, and now ‘glazed blush’.

The latest in a long list of trends inspired by the glazing method in cooking, ‘glazed blush’ is characterized by subtly colored cheekbones, enhanced with a luminous touch for a look that is as fresh as it is glowy. One of the strong trends of recent years. We will have understood, the idea is to do as little as possible in terms of complexion, in order to emphasize perfectly cared for skin and – therefore – full of health, but to provide a healthy glow effect (almost ) natural as if you were stocking up on vitamin D in the sun all year round. A lure certainly, but which has the merit of limiting the numerous layers of concealer, foundation, and other powder, to let the skin breathe.

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If the trend is associated with Hailey Baldwin, who has become a true beauty icon in just a few years, it is without a doubt because the American model continues to show off skin pampered with skincare, barely worked with powder and blush, for a more natural look. And its subscribers are asking for more, now favoring an authentic beauty routine based on skin care, more than on makeup. As a result, it is minimalist beauty treatments that are popular today, as evidenced by the craze for ‘soap nails’.

The same now applies to ‘glazed blush’ which requires few products, and even less specific technique or know-how. For a successful ‘icy blush’, all you need is powder and cream blush, regardless of the desired shade, and a touch of highlighter. But then, how to go about it? Simply apply the powder blush to the cheekbones (pink, raspberry, peach, coral, etc.), then add a touch of liquid cream blush of the same color to the same spot. The final touch consists of applying a small touch of highlighter, golden if possible, to add more luminosity and radiance.

Note that it is also possible, for a more discreet result, to opt for a transparent cream blush, which will simply ‘glaze’ the powder blush without adding pigment, and that some users completely skip the blush by powder to focus on the cream blush. This trend, which should prevail for a good part of the year, also highlights two-in-one cosmetics, whether eye shadow and cheekbones or lips and cheekbones duos, allowing ‘add that dose of shine which makes all the difference with ‘glazed blush’.

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