Goal for a flat stomach and abs: the allies you need!

Goal for a flat stomach and abs: the allies you need!

This time, it’s decided: you’re going on a commando mission for your abs! But to find a flat stomach or tone that waistline, the battle is going to be tough. Beyond exercises, TipsForWomens invites you to take up the challenge with the best weapons of the moment: connected watch, electrostimulation belt, connected scale, sports nutrition… We have tested and selected for you these little extras which can make the difference.

Be careful not to be mistaken, these products will not guarantee you effortless abs, the chocolate bar in 6 minutes of exercises does not exist! But they will allow you to optimize your sports sessions, to evaluate your efforts precisely, to set yourself objectives and thus to maintain unfailing motivation, to have a little extra food to put all the assets on your side .

Compex Corebelt 5.0, THE high-tech and effective electrostimulation belt

Attention, crush! The Compex Corebelt 5.0 belt allows you to simultaneously strengthen the abdominals and lower back for better posture, prevent and relieve lower back pain, or simply sculpt your body and waist… In fact, the 4 electrodes placed strategically at the front and back The rear allows electric shocks to be delivered over the entire area. Thanks to repeated muscular contraction in the lower back and abdominal area, results are seen more quickly.

Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, the Compex Corebelt 5.O belt helps you regain control thanks to 9 targeted objectives. Completely connected, the Compex Corebelt application allows you to track progress, record workouts and choose the intensity as well as the cycles to perform (the highest possible to reach the maximum bearable without pain or discomfort). Easily transportable, you can take it anywhere, in your suitcase, your backpack or your sports bag. Combined with a sports or fitness session, this belt makes it easier to achieve your goals thanks to 9 pre-embedded programs (3 abs, 3 lumbar and 3 combined). Choose one according to your goals during your sports sessions.

So certainly the belt is not everything, but motivation is boosted by achieving goals. As a result, we tend to re-appropriate a few sessions of planks or crunches (and no, we’re not talking about chocolate with puffed rice…).

We are on a high-end, high-tech electrostimulation belt that keeps all its promises. Personally, it allowed me to tone my abs, and even start to show these lines which, if they do not promise the abs of Ken or Ronaldo, constitute an encouragement to continue!

WE love

  • The painless aspect of the belt
  • Utilisation facility
  • Application intuitive
  • Possibility of working the abs and back separately

We like less

  • The absence of video sessions in the app but also available via a paid program

Andros sport gives us back the taste for effort

Andros launches its Andros Sport range with the highest fruit content on the conventional market. Designed to cover the needs of Sunday athletes like competitors, the 14 recipes offered in collaboration with a nutritionist have been designed to provide energy before exercise, give a boost during practice or help with recovery. These recipes were developed with Professor Stéphane Walrand, nutrition expert, university professor at the Faculty of Medicine/Pharmacy of Clermont-Ferrand and nutritionist at ASM Clermont-Auvergne.

In practice, 10 recipes appear in the Energy range, 2 in the Boost range and 2 in the Recovery section. The first surprise is the taste, the drinks, the gels (whose texture may surprise at first), the smoothies are all very tasty. No more memories of energy bars to swallow while pinching your nose or isotonic drinks with a chemical taste! There, it’s really good. Be careful, we are not looking for muscle mass gain… Bodybuilders, move on… These products are available in large and medium-sized stores, in specialized supermarkets, in gyms, e-commerce sites. commerce or directly on the brand’s e-shop.

WE love

  • Taste
  • The variety of products offered

We like less

  • The limited protein content of Récup products

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5: the connected watch for health-conscious athletes

No, it’s not yet another connected watch… With the TicWatch Pro 5 from Mobvoi, we are on a very high-end model with record autonomy, a competition processor (Snapdragon W5+) and the use of WearOS (and therefore access to the Playstore and its applications). Its foolproof solidity is certified by an American military standard (MIL-STD-810H) and its compatibility with swimming by 5 ATM certification. Note a sleek black style with a touch screen that resists fingerprints and chips. The new feature is the dual screen which allows you to switch from a monochrome LCD screen (which retains essential information) to a color Oled screen. This tip allows a record battery life of almost 80 hours! Another plus is the rotating crown which allows simple navigation. As with its sisters, you can make and receive calls, have GPS on your wrist, and even connect home automation accessories…

On the health side, the watch integrates a compass, a barometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a heart rate monitor coupled with an oximeter, and even a skin temperature sensor (however no ECG sensor for monitoring blood pressure). In summary, it allows for 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep and fitness tracking, and more, whether at home, at the gym, or while hiking. It is possible to follow these indicators on different maps on the Mobvoi Health app. You can also have the main measurements on a single screen with one click. Very practical for knowing your current state of health! Via TicExercice, you can choose the sport you practice to benefit from activity monitoring.

The data is very precise and can be viewed on the Mobvoi Health health application, which is very comprehensive (even if the interface is not always intuitive and requires some learning).

The watch is also capable of launching activity monitoring itself if it spots your activity (we noted a few hiccups, however… with a trigger in the TGV which still presumed my running abilities…). You can set an exercise goal, a number of workouts per week… In short, it’s a real health and sports coach at your fingertips!

Not being a fan of connected watches, this first experience was quite impressive, even if sometimes I had the impression of having a very (too high tech) model for my sports practice. But “who can do more, can do less”, so all athletes will find what they are looking for with a very high quality product.

The recommended price (359.99 euros) remains high but in the same range as connected watches offering similar services and quality (or even a little less than the most famous).

WE love

  • Wear OS 3
  • Impressive battery life
  • Very precise health measurements
  • Numerous sporting activities offered
  • Compatible Android
  • Dual screen and rotating crown

We like less

  • Applications not very intuitive
  • No voice command
  • Incompatible Iphone

Nutri&Co. gets into sport with exceptional products!

Best known for high-end health and beauty food supplements, Nutri&Co today offers the best in sports nutrition. If we find the classics Whey, BCAA and creatine, we can nevertheless say that the range has sought to release new products by offering very high quality products.

Thus, native Whey comes directly from French pasture milk, not denatured thanks to processes preserving its integrity with a very high concentration of proteins, a low lactose content and a truly tasty taste, all without synthetic sweetener but with a new 100% plant-based Stevia extract.

With vitamin B6, BCAAs and in particular leucine, are recognized for their ability to generate anabolism and therefore the construction of muscle mass. However, this protein synthesis cannot take place without the presence of all essential amino acids (EAA). This is why the vegan formulation of this supplement made from the fermentation of non-GMO corn is particularly interesting. Small downside: the taste of the red fruit version convinced us moderately… or maybe the fruits were old.

By acting on the strength and size of muscle fibers, creatine also helps accelerate recovery and rehabilitation following an injury and immobilization. Nutri&Co has chosen creapure®, a source composed of 100% creatine monohydrate.

WE love

  • The quality of the ingredients
  • Explanations of the choices for each of them
  • Flavors for Whey

We like less

  • Red fruit flavor for BCAA
  • The high price of products


Master Coach Terraillon, low price and great performance for this connected scale

The Terraillon Master Coach Ultra is more than just a connected bathroom scale. Featuring advanced impedance technology, it provides measurements of body composition (BMI, fat, muscle, water and bone mass), as well as basal metabolic rate and visceral fat index, as well as heart rate. heart rate directly on the screen in the form of BPM (heartbeat/min). An essential partner of the scale, the application…