Grand Bien Vous Fasse x TipsForWomens: Dry January ahead!

Grand Bien Vous Fasse x Doctissimo: Dry January ahead!

Monday January 8 at 10 a.m., Dr Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens, joins Ali Rebeihi’s set on Europe Inter for a program in partnership with TipsForWomens. On the program, advice from experts to help you meet the challenge of the alcohol-free month #DryJanuary

In Europe, alcohol occupies a significant place in social and gastronomic culture, often associated with conviviality and festive moments. However, a growing awareness is emerging regarding the harmful consequences of excessive alcohol consumption on physical and mental health.

Dry January: 29% of French people plan to experience it in 2024

It is in this context that Operation “Dry January” is gaining popularity. Originally launched in the United Kingdom, this initiative encourages participants to abstain from all alcohol consumption during the month of January. In Europe, this campaign is growing, offering participants the opportunity to reconsider their relationship with alcohol, take a break that is beneficial for their health, better understand their drinking habits and explore healthier alternatives . According to a recent survey, 29% of French people plan to start the year 2024 by trying to take up the challenge!

The benefits of Operation Dry January are not only limited to improving physical health, but also extend to aspects such as sleep, concentration and general well-being. This initiative thus contributes to raising awareness in French society of the risks linked to excessive alcohol consumption and to encouraging more balanced lifestyle choices.

Media and experts mobilize for Dry January

What are the consequences of alcohol on health? What are the benefits of stopping it? How to achieve this? Several experts gathered on the Europe Inter set will help us see things more clearly. We will find around Ali Rebeihi:

Bernard Basset (Addictions Europe)

  • Professor Hélène Donnadieu, addictologist at Montpellier University Hospital
  • Mickael Naassila Director of the alcohol research group at the University of Picardie and Inserm. President of the French Alcohol Society.
  • Dr Bernard Basset, public health doctor, President Association Addictions Europe
  • Dr Gérald Kierzek emergency doctor, medical director of the TipsForWomens site, columnist in the shows Télématin and Bel et Bien on Europe 2

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