Watch out for these bagels recalled throughout Europe!

Watch out for these bagels recalled throughout France!

Since yesterday, frozen bagels have been recalled! In fact, they contain a high content of ethylene oxide, a substance dangerous to your health. Explanation.

Marketed between November 20 and December 20, 2023, this batch of Classic Foods of America brand bagels is subject to a recall. The cause ? It would contain a level of ethylene oxide higher than the norm, a gas dangerous to health.

New York Frozen Sesame Bagels: details of the affected product

  • Product category: Food
  • Sub-category : Cereals and bakery products
  • Marque : Classic Foods of America
  • Model or reference: 6516
  • GTIN : 3351700165160
  • Batch concerned: 161
  • Minimum durability date : 10/06/2024
  • Packaging: bags of 6 pieces
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 11/20/2023 to 12/20/2023
  • Storage temperature: Product to keep in the freezer
  • Geographical sales area: Whole Europe
  • Distributors: SDV

What is the procedure to follow if you own this product?

According to the government website Rappel Conso, these bagels contain a higher quantity of ethylene oxide than the accepted regulatory dose. It is a colorless gas, highly flammable and easily dissolved in water, alcohol or other organic solvents. Often used in the chemical industry or for sterilization and disinfection in the cosmetics and textile industries, the latter is dangerous for health. According to the INRS toxicological sheet, this gas can cause cancer and severe irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract or skin.

Therefore, for your health, it is recommended that you no longer consume these frozen bagels, return them to the point of sale or destroy them. Furthermore, it is possible to benefit from a refund until the end of the procedure set for March 3, 2024.