Grandma’s method for PLN 8 straightens hair like a keratin treatment. The effect is like from a living room

Grandma's method for PLN 8 straightens hair like a keratin treatment.  The effect is like from a living room

Old home hair care methods are coming back into favor. Among them, cosmetic kerosene, used by our grandmothers, still wins hearts due to its properties. It is often compared to the popular keratin straightening treatment, but at a much more affordable price.

Grandma's way straightens hair and keratin treatment for PLN 8.  The effect is like from a living room

Cosmetic treatments at home are an excellent alternative to expensive visits to salons, allowing you to relax and take care of yourself in the comfort of your own home. Using natural ingredients and proven recipes, you can achieve amazing results without having to spend a fortune.

Cosmetic kerosene for the beauty of your hair: How does it work?

Cosmetic kerosene, also known as liquid paraffin or paraffin oil, is produced by repeated distillation of crude oil. Its characteristic yellow, oily consistency and specific aroma are not always welcome, but its hair care abilities are undeniable. It protects the hair against negative external factors by creating a protective layer on it.

Use of cosmetic kerosene: When is it worth it?

If your hair is prone to falling out, kerosene may be the answer. It improves circulation in the scalp, stimulating the growth of new hair. The hair becomes more flexible and less susceptible to breakage and dryness. Additionally, it protects the hair against the effects of high temperatures during styling.

Another advantage of cosmetic kerosene is that it makes hair easy to comb and protects against frizz. Moreover, it can be used as support in the fight against lice.

Kerosene or keratin? What to choose?

Although the effect of cosmetic kerosene is compared to the effect of keratin straightening, both treatments differ in many aspects. Keratin straightening is more durable but may make the hair greasy. The cost of the procedure is also significant, ranging from PLN 300-400. That’s why many people are looking for cheaper alternatives at home, using proven methods such as cosmetic kerosene.

How to use cosmetic kerosene?

Cosmetic kerosene is easily available in pharmacies and cosmetic stores, and its price is affordable. Just spread a small amount on your hair, wait about an hour, and then wash your head thoroughly using your favorite shampoo.

Cosmetic kerosene and its potential side effects

Despite many advantages, excessive or incorrect use of cosmetic kerosene may have the opposite effect – the hair becomes greasy and dry. The effect of smooth hair lasts until the next wash. You should also remember about the characteristic aroma, which may not suit everyone.