Grapes, a natural ingredient with powerful purifying and moisturizing powers

Grapes, a natural ingredient with powerful purifying and moisturizing powers

A seasonal fruit, grapes not only awaken our taste buds and enhance many dishes with their sweet flavors. It is also an essential beauty ally with multiple virtues for the skin, which today allows it to establish itself as the star ingredient of the back-to-school season in the cosmetics industry.

We can no longer count the fruits, vegetables, and other cereals that have gone from the kitchen to the bathroom in no time, acclaimed by cosmetic giants for their numerous benefits for the skin. A phenomenon which has amplified with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the desire of consumers to turn to more natural, healthier and more eco-responsible products, whose formulas are limited to a handful of ingredients and more transparency. We have seen this in recent months with the rise of totally unexpected ingredients in the beauty industry, such as mushrooms, chebula, and even ashitaba. But today it is a much more well-known and widespread fruit which seems to be unanimously accepted in the cosmetic sector… And for good reason, it contains a multitude of benefits.

Against excess sebum

Whether ingested or applied to the skin (not directly of course, but via an oil, cream, or serum), grapes are an essential ally for all skin types (mature, oily, mixed, or dry). Rich in water, but we’ll come back to that, grapes (and more often grape marc) are known for their purifying and scrubbing properties, which help fight against excess sebum, or at least regulate it, but also to reduce the appearance and occurrence of imperfections of all kinds. An action which has now enabled it to be integrated into the formulation of dedicated cosmetics and food supplements, including gummies, vegetable oils (grapeseed), and other treatments intended for so-called problem skin.

Against the signs of skin aging

Grapes have another benefit for the skin: they are rich in polyphenols, compounds that can protect cells against damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. In other words, they help protect the skin from premature aging, and therefore from wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging. It is therefore not surprising to discover complete ranges of grape-based cosmetics for mature skin, or simply intended to prevent the lack of firmness and elasticity, as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A strong point which today makes it one of the stars of many skincare brands.

To nourish deeply

As we have seen, grapes have a high water content, at 80%, which allows it to establish itself as an essential hydrating ally. It is no coincidence that the fruit is now available in grape water, marketed as is or integrated into formulas in combination with other ingredients, to soothe and nourish the skin. Due to its purifying properties, grapes also have the particularity of being able to hydrate the skin without leaving a greasy film, or even offering a matte finish to prevent the skin from shining all day long. It also depends, in reality, on the associations made by beauty experts to guarantee such results.

The new darling of the cosmetics industry

All these benefits have contributed to raising the grape to the rank of beauty essential, whether on social networks where it is regularly the subject of tips and trends, or in stores. When it does not enhance a specific range, the grape simply becomes a basic ingredient for cosmetic brands. We can obviously mention Vinésime, whose products are composed, among other ingredients, of grape extracts of different grape varieties (pinot noir, chardonnay), vine stem cells, extracts of vine flowers, or even grapeseed oil, but also Le Domaine Skincare, the brand recently co-founded by Brad Pitt and the Perrin family, which places the powers of the vine at the heart of its cosmetics.

One of the best known, however, undoubtedly remains the Caudalie brand, which specialized in vinotherapy almost three decades ago, and whose logo represents… a bunch of grapes. This is also the case for Sarmance, which offers facial, body and hygiene treatments from the vines. Note also that the Cultiv brand, which strives to recycle waste from French and organic agriculture into cosmetics, will launch this fall a range of gummies based on grape and blackcurrant entirely dedicated to combination to oily and problem skin.