Guillaume Canet stressed since childhood. Are we stressed by nature or do we become stressed?

Guillaume Canet stressed since childhood.  Are we stressed by nature or do we become stressed?

Appearing smiling and naturally at ease in front of the cameras, Guillaume Canet explains in an interview for Psychologies magazine that he has actually been very stressed since childhood. Is stress something innate or do we become it? The answers of Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Director, actor and president of the jury of the Deauville American Cinema Festival, Guillaume Canet is everywhere. Although he seems to take on all these hats with a certain detachment, he has in fact been very stressed since childhood.

“I had shingles at 11 and an ulcer at 13”

Questioned by our colleagues from Psychologies Magazine this month, Guillaume Canet explains: “I had shingles at 11 and an ulcer at 13: my parents were divorcing, it was complicated between them, I had difficulty accepting what we were going through, I was worried, unhappy” says Marion Cotillard’s companion, who describes himself as being hypersensitive.

It happened to me several times that I broke down. Because we work like crazy, because we don’t sleep, because we forget ourselves… It’s a demanding job, which takes a lot out of you.” he reported, recalling the time when his state of psychological health caused him to be hospitalized, after having given in under the professional pressure of his job.

Even today he had difficulty with public events. “I don’t always feel at ease at festivals, I’m pathologically dissatisfied, with a permanent lack of confidence, a little constant paranoia, which tells me that everyone does better than me, and that I don’t never do well enough.”

The wounds that prevent you from being yourself

We can develop an anxious nature since childhood, like Guillaume Canet here. confirm Siyana Mincheva. “It has to do with the way we were raised and the wounds we developed”. According to our expert, it all depends on how we were raised and how we experienced our childhood.

In the case of Guillaume Canet, he talks about his parents’ divorce, which he experienced as a trauma. indicates the psychologist, “but a child’s education and experiences can also generate fears, for example if he or she is constantly compared to others or belittled. The child then overadapts to this anxiety and his stress begins, which can follow him throughout his life.”

You have to move forward to free yourself from your fears

For Siyana Mincheva, Guillaume Canet is a good example, because he talks about his situation. “IYou have to allow yourself to talk about it, instead of putting up with this stress, it’s the first step to getting out of it“. According to the psychologist, you have to analyze yourself, know when you started to develop this stress, where it comes from… It can be from a complicated relationship with a parent .”Generally, lack of self-confidence comes from upbringing. The person must make peace with themselves to get rid of it. Otherwise, we feed it and go around in circles, it’s a vicious circle, we maintain a victim position. The goal is to show yourself that you are capable of changing, of moving forward.” she concludes.