Gymnastics for the eyes: this is how you get the superview

Gymnastics for the eyes: this is how you get the superview

Eye gymnastics used to treat the visually impaired can help those who see us well to get a superview. Athletes will benefit most of all

Thanks to a specific gym for the eyes, today it is possible to significantly improve one's visual faculties. The experts of the National Low Vision-Sportvision 2016 congress said that they studied the application of techniques developed to help the visually impaired, in order to improve visual acuity, on people with low vision. In fact, man uses only 40-60% of his ability to see, but this percentage can be increased thanks to constant and specific training. The most interested in achieving super vision, or hypervision, are athletes, always looking for a way to overcome their physical limits and improve performance.

The improvement in the perception of images obtained through eye gymnastics determines an increase in the sense of depth in the athlete. As Sapienza professor Alessandro Segnini said at the 2016 national vision-Sportvision congress "if we take a sportsman who has to deal with his teammates, with the ball, with his opponents he has a focus at different distances, if we train his eyes it is how to train every muscle in the body, if we enhance function, sports performance will also improve ”.
But what does eye gymnastics consist of and what results can it produce? Through a series of experiments, Segnini has shown that it is sufficient to apply the techniques usually used on the visually impaired to obtain a significant increase in the interview in visually impaired subjects.

These techniques can lead a person who already sees us to a hypervision condition, with an increase of up to twenty tenths of visual acuity.
The techniques to be used are those that train the eye to certain movements, such as microperimetry. In this case, the patient must fix a cross or circle shaped target and press a button each time a bright spot appears.
The Token experiment was conducted on fifteen Federation tennis players, all with more than ten tenths of a view. Ten sessions of twenty minutes of visual training were enough to determine an increase in visual acuity, which in some reached twenty tenths. In addition to vision, important features such as contrast sensitivity have improved. The shooter experiment achieved similar results: the average score went from 163 to 210.

Sports federations of all disciplines are opening up to sportvision techniques. According to the experts present at the conference, the news affects both team sports and disciplines such as golf, where it is important to take good care not to miss the shot. The results are remarkable, with a marked improvement in balance, concentration and ability to respond to events.
"We are able to improve the eye-brain reaction times, or to decrease the time that the impulse perceived by the eye takes to reach the cortical area" explained Segnini.

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