Harassment at work: 3 tips from our psychologist to rebuild your life

Harassment at work: 3 tips from our psychologist to rebuild your life

Harassment is a destructive ordeal, especially when it takes place in the workplace. It attacks self-esteem and self-confidence. How to rebuild yourself? Here are three tips from Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist.

Whether in the intimate sphere, at school or at work, we are talking more and more about harassment. A true poison, it destroys the person who is the victim. How to rebuild yourself when you have been harassed in the workplace? Here is advice from Johanna Rozenblum, clinical psychologist.

Harassment, a real destruction of oneself

Harassment is something that destroys the person who is the victim, their self-confidence is damaged, their self-esteem too, it is a real ordeal. first of all explains the psychologist.

For the psychologist, the first thing to do is to distance yourself from the toxic environment to protect yourself and to organize your exit. “In the world of work, when you are a victim of harassment, you must either leave the company completely, or at least change departments, so as not to constantly find yourself with the harassing person. You must change your framework and find yourself in a healthier environment” she recommends.

Understand what happened

Once the changes have been made, you must try to understand what happened. “We must put our finger on what could have made this harassment possible” indique Johanna Rozenblum. “Bullies have a very specific personality, they are often harsh people, whom others describe as ‘not easy to get along with’ or authoritarian..

But there is also the personality of the person being harassed that comes into account. “People who are harassed are often more introverted, more reserved, but harassment can happen to everyone in reality, in a less fortunate moment: bereavement, divorce, etc..” adds the expert. “The harasser then takes advantage of this loophole to exercise his power and mistreat his victim..

Take care of yourself and rebuild yourself

Johanna Rozenblum also advises taking care of yourself and surrounding yourself with caring people. “It is essential to be surrounded by good words and people who will show you affection. We must realize that we have value and that what our harasser may have told us is not reality.” she emphasizes.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Consult a healthcare professional if necessary

Harassment is therefore an ordeal that is difficult to live with, but which can be even more difficult to overcome. If you feel like you can’t cope, Johanna Rozenblum advises seeking help from a specialist. “If we feel that we cannot recover from what we have experienced, we may need the help of a professional. In this case, we should not hesitate to go to consult” she concludes.

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