Harassment: do you know what this new button is for on Instagram and Facebook?

Harassment: do you know what this new button is for on Instagram and Facebook?

This is a world first, reserved for the French market. Facebook and Instagram now put children and parents in touch with professionals from the e-Enfance association, using a simple call button.

Facebook and Instagram are launching a new tool against cyberviolence with the e-Enfance association. Valuable help for all children and adolescents victims of digital violence.

The call button is now integrated into both platforms

This new feature – which takes the form of a call button on Instagram, in Direct Messages and on Messenger – encourages young users who are victims of cyber-harassment or bullying to get help by speaking to a professional of the e-Enfance Association.

For several years e-Enfance has been campaigning for the integration of a safe button on social networks dedicated to young victims of cyberbullying, so that they can directly find the specific help and assistance they need.“, specifies Justine Atlan, general director of the e-Enfance Association and 3018.

Precisely, the number dialed via this call button is 3018 – the national number for young victims of harassment and digital violence – accessible by telephone 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

A valuable tool for the youngest, deployed in the coming weeks in Europe.

We are proud to launch this functionality in Europe as a world premiere hand in hand with e-Enfance. This is a crucial step forward and a very concrete response to help victims of harassment find help simply from our platforms. It is a great pride to be able to launch this type of initiative in Europe, initiatives that we hope to be able to deploy in other markets in the future. This is obviously a long-term fight that we intend to continue by working alongside all institutional and associative partners as we have been doing for many years.”says Capucine Tuffier, responsible for child protection at Meta Europe.

Good in his body, good in his head!

How does the button work?

Concretely, when a person reports being a victim of digital harassment on Facebook or Instagram, a window is automatically displayed.

Then simply click on the call button provided to be put in telephone contact with a 3018 professional.

It is also possible to chat in writing with a professional, on Messenger or on the application, downloadable from Appstore or GooglePlay.

Unlike a conversational robot, here, “children or parents have someone directly on the phone to help themr”, assured Capucine Tuffier.

On the TikTok side, the number is displayed as soon as the report is made from the application, in the “hatred and harassment“. So no direct call button here but a simple link which takes you to the e-Enfance TikTok account.