Headband or hair band: what it is, types, the best on the market

Headband or hair band: what it is, types, the best on the market

Perfect for the gym, but also for creating fantastic hairstyles, warm in winter and very comfortable in summer. What am I talking about? Of the headband, of course!

It is a practical and versatile hair accessory, which has become a real must have in recent years!

There are headbands for every occasion: more elegant, with a sophisticated design, but also practical, perfect for the beauty routine or for playing sports.

Also much loved by big brands, such as Dior, Valentino and Missoni, the headband is the final touch for a different and unmistakable look every time, with a vintage flavor.

Headband: what is it and what is it for?

The name headband comes from English and indicates a strip of cloth or other material that is worn around the head.

Today there is a huge range of headbands, but they all derive from the basic monochromatic and unadorned stretch model, created in the late 50s and popularized by model, actress and activist Brigitte Bardot.

From the cinema to the gym, the headband returned to the limelight again in the 80s, becoming the symbolic object of fitness and body care.

The headband has two main functions: to keep the hair in order and to protect the eyes from perspiration; but thanks to the variety of materials and models available on the market, headbands find many uses:

  • For the beauty routine: these are soft elastic bands, preferably sponge, perfect for carrying out all the steps of our skin care, without wetting the hair with water or anointing it with creams and lotions for the face. Terry hair bands, comfortable and practical, are also often used in spas and wellness centres.
  • For sports: they are made of breathable and elastic materials, such as spandex, polyester or a blend of different materials. Appreciated by both men and women, they allow you to exercise without worrying about annoying sweat in your eyes or hair on your face.
  • To create hairstyles: whether they are simple or embellished with inserts, flower or turban, they remain the perfect accessory for creating original and different hairstyles every time, capable of enhancing both long and short hair, as demonstrated by the many tutorials published on TikTok and not only.

Headband: types and which one to choose

There are many types of headbands, but perhaps the first useful distinction to make is between elastic headbands and semi-rigid headbands.

The former are bands, more or less wide, made entirely of fabric. They can be more elegant, like those in velvet, silk and cashmere, or more practical, like those in cotton, jersey, and spandex. The latter have a core of steel wire inside, which makes them adjustable.

A further differentiation is the one made, however, based on the shape:

  • Ribbon: they can be formed by one or more ribbons connected to each other and are often used to create romantic ceremonial hairstyles.
  • A turban: they are wide bands, often semi-rigid, with a knot or a cross on the front, which cover almost the entire head.
  • Flower: Fabric joins at the front of the headband, forming a flower. The flower headband is certainly among the most popular models.
  • Twist: are bands in which the fabric, as suggested by the name itself, forms one or more crosses (depending on the width) on the front.

Tips for choosing the right headband for you

With all this on offer you really are spoiled for choice, so how do you find the right headband?

Here are some tips to help you choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • If you are a person who loves practicality and comfort, it is better to focus on elastic bands, in cotton or polyester, with a simple and versatile design that you can use for everyday occasions, from leisure time to sport.
  • If you are looking for a specific product for physical activity, focus your search on elastic headbands in anti-sweat fabric and with a good seal, avoiding semi-rigid headbands and inserts.
  • Instead, if you want an original touch to complete your look, the semi-rigid flower and turban headbands are right for you! You can find them in many patterns, such as animalier for the most transgressive outfits, floral for a touch of romance, but also with geometric or monochromatic prints, for a minimal style.
  • To dedicate yourself to your daily skin care, the headband that’s right for you is elastic, wide enough to free your face from hair and preferably in terry cloth, a material that is both comfortable and absorbent.

The 5 best headbands on the market

1.  Nike 9381/3 Swoosh Headbands

We open our ranking of the best headbands on the market, with the best-selling on Amazon: the 938/3 sports model by Nike.

It is a band designed for fitness, made up of: ‎70% Cotton, 18% Polyamide and 12% Elastane and available in two colours, black and white.

It is a unisex, elastic, soft and practical headband, capable of adapting to any head and also absorbing large quantities of sweat.

Perfect for practicing various sports, such as basketball, soccer, running and aerobics, the Nike 938/3 headband is a durable and wear-resistant accessory, thanks to the high quality materials used to make it.

It is available on Amazon for around 12 euros, a price that has earned it 4.4 stars and dozens of positive reviews, for its excellent value for money.

But the merits of this headband don’t end there: the happy buyers of the Nike sports headband also appreciated its unique and unmistakable style and the ability to adhere perfectly, even during intense physical activity.

A true concentration of comfort in just 0.35 g of weight, for high-performance support in any situation, whether it’s fitness or leisure.

Sporty yes, but without ever giving up on the essential and iconic style of the Nike brand.

2 – Yoga Headbands MapoBeauty

In second place in our ranking of the best headbands available on the market, we find the elastic band produced by the MapofBeauty brand and chosen by Amazon for its users.

It is a unisex headband, made entirely of cotton.

It is sold in a practical and convenient pack of three pieces, which can be purchased both in assorted colors and all in the same color to choose from white, black, red, blue and grey.

Comfortable, versatile and economical, the pack of 3 headbands is available at a cost that varies from a minimum of €6.99 to a maximum of €9.99, depending on the selected color combination.

Designed specifically as a headband for the practice of Yoga, the headband recommended by Amazon can also be used to practice more dynamic sports, without the aerobic effort affecting its tightness or its ability to absorb sweat and humidity.

The MapoBeauty headband can be combined with sportswear, but also with casual and fashionable clothes.

It is perfect for being tidy and comfortable in the office, but also for going out at night or on an adventurous trip into nature. A headband for a thousand uses and combinations, as the supermodel Bella Hadid teaches us, who with her now inseparable black cotton headband, gives us precious style lessons.

3 – Headband Pritties Accessories

One of the strengths of hair bands is undoubtedly the price, which is generally very affordable.

For this reason, in third place in our personal ranking, we have decided to offer you the cheapest of the most popular headbands among Amazon users: the elastic headband produced by the Pritties Accessories brand.

It is a band made entirely of polyester, available in the elegant bottle green shade and sold for around 2 euros.

7 cm long and 20 g in weight, the Pritties Accessories headband, thanks to its high elasticity, can be worn by both adults and children, on every occasion of daily life: to go to school or to the office, in your spare time, for an aperitif or a walk, but also to do household chores, as well as to play sports.

The one made by Pritties Accessories is a simple, comfortable and versatile model, to always carry in your bag and wear with ease. Economical but resistant, with an excellent quality-price ratio, this headband adapts perfectly to all hair types, straight or curly, long or short, giving you a clean and tidy look in one simple gesture.

An average of 4.1 out of 5 reviews for this great little (and cheap) daily ally against annoying hair in front of the eyes.

4 – Headband peluche Chuangdi

In fourth place we find a set of cute plush headbands, perfect for washing your face, applying spa treatments and make up, with the support of a soft and reliable helper.

No more strands of hair that escape from too loose bands and stick to your face, just as you’re soaping it! No more fringes soaked in water after the morning skin care!

These practical headbands with an original design are sold in packs of four pieces, all different from each other, in two assortments to choose from, to have a different beauty ally every day.

In addition to cleaning and beauty of the face, the headbands produced by the Chuangdi brand can also be used for household chores or for reading a good book.

They are 56 cm long, but can reach up to 74 cm, adapting perfectly to both adult and children’s heads.

They are bands made of coral fleece, a new and highly performing material, characterized by a high fiber density. This gives the headbands a greater breathable effect and high air permeability….