Heating your home: 8 mistakes to avoid

Heating your home: 8 mistakes to avoid

Winter is coming and keeping your home warm is becoming essential, but certain actions should be avoided to benefit from economical and comfortable heating. Here are the 8 mistakes to avoid according to Dr. Gérald Kierzek, medical director of TipsForWomens.

Staying warm without spending too much is what we all try to do during the cold season. But sometimes our ideas can be counterproductive, even dangerous. What are the mistakes we make?

Ignoring Insulation

Ensuring good insulation is essential to correct before the cold season, recalls Dr Kierzek. “You can heat your home as much as you want, if it’s an energy sieve, and everything has to go through the walls and windows, it’s difficult to maintain good heat on a daily basis.”

Find out, there is a lot of financial assistance available to undertake insulation work or replace windows, for example. Seals are also available for windows and doors. Finally, we act on the insulation but we do not caulk the air vents.

Maintain a constant temperature

It’s the first desire that comes to mind when we hear our interior heated, and yet it’s not a good reflex. “No need to constantly heat your house to be comfortable. It’s better to lower the temperature when you’re away and when you’re sleeping.” To this end, using a thermostat to regulate the temperature according to the schedule is a plus. Finally, there is no need to heat parts that are not in use. “UUse the frost protection mode, but don’t turn up the heating for nothing.”

Keep your shutters closed

If windows are often the point where we lose energy, leaving your shutters and curtains closed 24 hours a day is also a mistake, because it simply prevents the sun from entering and warming your rooms during the day.

Cover the radiators

Also pay attention to furniture, furniture in front of radiators or floor-length curtains that may cover them. “This hinders air circulation and reduces ambient heat” our expert reminds us. Wasted energy.

Do not ventilate

Avoiding opening your windows wide for 5 minutes morning and evening is also a mistake. Certainly, for a few minutes it is cooler, but this gesture remains essential to renew the ambient air, getting rid of pollutants and viruses at the same time. “This also prevents humidity, which ultimately heats your rooms better.” continues our expert.

Use space heaters

Certainly the small heater which blows hot air can help you out occasionally, but should not be used continuously. Not only are they very energy-intensive, but they also dry out the air, which is harmful to your airways and eyes.”Even less do we use all these accessories which are not made for heating, such as braziers, which can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Neglecting the maintenance of heating systems

To get through the winter without any problems, it is necessary to take care of your heating system, your boiler, your stove… “This allows, above all, proper functioning but also avoids, again, carbon monoxide poisoning. recalls Dr. Kierzek.

Overheating your interior

Finally, economy and ecology oblige, we are no longer aiming for an overheated interior in which we walk around in a t-shirt but for reasonable heating.whether for your health or to save money, you can absolutely reduce the temperature a little and dress a little warmer too.”

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