Here are 9 signs that you are much smarter than others

Here are 9 signs that you are much smarter than others

Talking to yourself, being disorderly, curious… What are the signs that show the presence of extraordinary intelligence in an adult? Here are nine, according to psychologist Amélie Boukhobza, who don't deceive.

There are certain habits that, when analyzed closely, actually reveal the intelligence of an individual. What are these signs and how to decipher them? TipsForWomens interviewed psychologist Amélie Boukhobza and here are her answers.

Talking to yourself or “talking to yourself”

If you have a habit of talking to yourself, don't think it's crazy. On the contrary, people who talk to themselves are generally more intelligent than others. “Talking to yourself can help you organize your thoughts, clarify ideas, and solve problems more effectively.” confirms Amélie Boukhobza.

A preference for solitude

It is also a trait that can be associated with a high intellectual level. “Highly intelligent people often enjoy periods of solitude that allow them to focus deeply on their interests and research without outside distractions.” adds the expert.

Late nights

This is also a common point among people with high intellectual potential, according to our psychologist. “They are often night owls who appreciate the calm and silence of the night to work or think.“.

Being messy

The Messy Side Is Common Among Smart People” explains Amélie Boukhobza again. “But I would talk more about an organized mess with a workspace that may seem messy to others, but actually isn't that messy.“.

To be a dreamer

Dreamy or sometimes distracted, the person whose intelligence is above average generates forgetting details and practical aspects of daily life. states the expert. For what ? Quite simply because “their minds are captivated by more abstract or complex ideas“.

An insatiable curiosity

They say that curiosity is a bad flaw. “However, it can push one to do certain things excessively, often in varied fields, to acquire and absorb a wide range of knowledge” assures the psychologist.


This is obviously a great sign of intelligence“notes the specialist.”Being able to recreate the conditions to feel good wherever we go, or whatever the circumstances, is quite extraordinary.“.

A pronounced taste for riddles and puzzles

Challenges and logic games hold no secrets for you? It can also be seen as a sign of above-average intelligence. “Indeed” confirms the expert, “because these games constantly stimulate the brain“.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Increased sensitivity

Finally, hypersensitivity to environmental stimuli or emotional hypersensitivity may be a sign of high intelligence. underlines Amélie Boukhobza. “Obviously all this needs to be qualified” she adds, because intelligence can manifest itself in different forms. And of course,we can have this or that personality trait without having high intellectual potential” she concludes.