Here are the unexpected places to wear perfume to smell good all day long

Here are the unexpected places to wear perfume to smell good all day long

Did you know ? The staying power of your favorite perfume differs depending on the areas sprayed. Here are the parts of the body to perfume as a priority to smell good all day long.

A spritz before going out perfumes you for the day? Not sure. The art of wearing good perfume follows a few rules, and a few hot spots that will allow you to leave an unforgettable scent.

Where to spray your perfume for better hold?

Whatever the note of your perfume (woody, floral, sweet, etc.), it is part of your personality and should accompany you discreetly throughout the day. To do this, it is not a question of spraying more, but of choosing strategic places. According to different perfumer sites, the secret to a long-lasting perfume is hidden in the body’s pulse points, that is to say the areas where “the body gives off the most heat“. It is therefore a question of spraying its perfume at approximately 10 cm:

  • Behind the ears;
  • Inside the cuffs;
  • In the crook of the elbows.

For what ? Because these areas specially retain perfume molecules thanks to the heat they emit. It is still necessary to perfectly tolerate its perfume on the skin.

On clothes, in the hair… other techniques recommended by a dermatologist

Consulted on the subject, dermatologist Isabelle Gallay does not entirely agree. Certainly, these strategic points can carry the perfume more, but applying the perfume directly to the skin is not recommended.perfumes are often involved in allergy problems, and their molecules are often photo-sensitizing”.

To intensify the trail, our expert recommends spraying a cloud of your fragrance into the air and then passing through it, to be completely enveloped by it.

It is also possible to spray your clothes and scarves directly, because the textile fibers will retain your perfume more and can keep your mark for months. In this case, it is better to use an eau de parfum and not an oily product which will stain the fabric. “We also aim for the outside of the clothing so as not to be in contact with the skin,” advises Dr. Gallay.

Some women have the habit of perfuming their hair. This is also a possibility but in this case, it involves using a perfume dedicated to this use. The alcohol present in a classic body perfume will tend to dry out the hair fiber. Hair mists and scented juices exist for this type of application.

Where should you not wear perfume?

Conversely, there are also areas that are best not sprayed with perfume, no matter how pleasant it may be.

  • On the eyelids and eye contour. The eyelids are extremely fragile areas of the face and poor in collagen. Perfume could weaken this fine skin and damage its hydration.
  • On private parts. The genitals are far too fragile for any scented products, whether it is a perfume or even a scented soap, which is too abrasive for this area. If you experience an imbalance in the vaginal flora, or odors that concern you, consult a gynecologist or your doctor instead. A vaginal infection could be the cause.