Here is a makeup artist's technique to instantly lift your eyes!

Here is a makeup artist's technique to instantly lift your eyes!

Looking for a way to brighten your face? Discover a make-up artist's tip to lift your eyes and give a youthful boost to your complexion in no time!

Among all the makeup techniques that exist, the famous make-up artist Mary Philips, who works in particular for Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, knows one that is particularly effective for energizing and rejuvenating her eyes. In a video published on the TikTok account of influencer Kevin Kodra, the professional reveals this famous method to you!

The 3-point method to lengthen your gaze

To perform this technique and enjoy a more awake look, you only need a concealer slightly lighter than the color of your skin. The make-up artist explains that you have to apply material by making points: in the outer corner of the nose, in the inner corner of the eye and under the outer corner. The goal is to form a triangle before your eyes.

All that remains is to blend the material using a brush. To do this, make movements towards the top of the face to guarantee the lifted appearance you are looking for! Although the technique seems simple, the result is worth the detour!

For an even more stretched effect!

Take a flat brush and eyeshadow in brown shades. Apply eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye, where you usually draw eyeliner. The goal here is to create a play of shadows in order to further stretch the eye. For a natural result, lightly blend the material with your brush (or your fingers). Also add mascara to enhance your eyes and perfect your lift!

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