Here is one of the best spreads according to Yuka

Here is one of the best spreads according to Yuka

Delicious when spread on a brioche, the spread remains a product to consume in moderation due to its high sugar and fat content. Here is the ranking of the best of them, according to the Yuka application.

Whether you prefer to put it on your pancakes or eat it with a spoon, the spread is a product that should not be overused. Indeed, most of them are very sweet and rich in oil. Among all those sold in supermarkets, which is the best, or rather the least bad? Here’s what Yuka reveals.

How to choose the right spread?

If you have time, making your own spread is the best option. Indeed, this product has a significant contribution in sugars and saturated fats. It is therefore very high in calories and for your health it is recommended to consume it in moderation. Doing it yourself allows you to control the products and quantities that you put in the preparation.

Unfortunately, cooking takes time…something we sometimes lack! Here are some tips for choosing your spread correctly based on food labels.

First of all, the main ingredient of a good chocolate spread must, logically, be hazelnuts or cocoa. So avoid spreads whose first ingredient is sugar. In fact, the further it is in the list, the less it is present in the product and the better the nutritional quality of your dough.

Another tip: opt for spreads that contain few ingredients.

Finally, your spread should not be palm oil based. Instead, choose cocoa butter or another vegetable oil.

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What is the best chocolate spread?

Thanks to the Yuka app, deciphering labels is much easier. The application analyzed the labels of around fifteen products and ranked the three best pastes.

Furthermore, with its high fat content, the spread is in all cases not a product considered “good for health”. Thus, no rating given by the application exceeds that of 80/100.

Here are the top 3 least unhealthy spreads:

  • Cocoa hazelnut spread, Funky Veggie, 200g, Monoprix, €3.99. She gets a score of 79/100 on Yuka.

  • Spread, Cocoa Chocobella, Damiano, Dark chocolate, 200g, €6.55. She gets a score of 70/100 on Yuka

  • Hazelnut cashew spread, Pétite, 300g, Naturalia, €10.95. She gets a score of 61/100 on Yuka