Here is our nutritionist's ideal dinner for sleeping well

Here is our nutritionist's ideal dinner for sleeping well

Soup, pasta, fish, fried vegetables… In the evening, you never know what to eat? A dietician-nutritionist tells us her secrets for eating a balanced diet and easily diving into the arms of Morpheus.

Between the leftover rice from the day before, the ready-made soup or the fish to defrost, it's difficult to make a choice in front of the refrigerator door. However, the decision is crucial: the evening meal has a considerable impact on the quality of our sleep. So, to see things more clearly, a dietitian-nutritionist gives us her advice.

Meals that are too heavy should be banned

It's an experience that we've all had: following a heavy dinner, stomach aches (re)appear and sleep is disrupted. This is particularly the case during festive meals, where meats, fish, petit fours and dishes with sauces abound on the tables.

To sleep better and no longer suffer from insomnia, eating lighter in the evening is therefore recommended: no more industrial dishes and bad fats (fried foods, mayonnaise, meat, cold cuts, cheese, butter, pastries, chocolate, etc.)!

A light and balanced meal but which does not necessarily banish carbohydrates: it's all a question of quantity. Carbohydrates provide energy – but in the evening, we don't really need to stock up on “fuel” to go to sleep. A small dose of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, wholemeal bread) is therefore enough to eat and sleep healthily.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Finally, what should we eat in the evening?

According to Alexandra Murcier, the ideal dinner for sleeping well should consist of the following:

A dish with 1/4 starchy foods (if possible whole foods to avoid variations in blood sugar at night and not feel hungry). THE starchy foods also contain tryptophan which is the precursor of serotonin and which helps you sleep better. Then, you must add to your plate 1/4 of animal or vegetable proteins but rather light (white meat, lentils, eggs, etc.) and 1/2 plate of cooked or raw vegetables. We avoid dishes with sauces and very rich dishes which are difficult to digest. You can finish with fruit or yogurt with honey (dairy products also contain tryptophan)“, she assures.

The ideal dish could therefore be composed of a lentil, tomato and egg salad or even a mushroom omelette, accompanied by raw vegetables. A black rice salad with tuna, tomatoes and zucchini can also be an option. Another tasty alternative: a vegetable curry with coconut milk and spices; containing chickpeas, rich in vegetable proteins.

On the other hand, we avoid alcohol and sugary products which are stimulants.“, concludes our expert.

Foods that promote sleep

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