Here is the best lip balm according to UFC Que Choisir

Here is the best lip balm according to UFC Que Choisir

As winter approaches, the risk of chapped lips increases. To remedy this discomfort, UFC Que Choisir has selected the best lip balm on the market, based on certain criteria. Discover the name of this famous product!

What is the best lip balm?

The lip balm acclaimed by UFC Que Choisir is none other than Lip Balm Care from the Cien brand, available in Lidl supermarkets. The selection of the product is made according to the following criteria: composition, texture, smell, taste, rendering and effectiveness.

Cien lip balm has several advantages such as not containing mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons. These two ingredients being quite discussed due to their composition, the UFC Que Choisir has validated the fact that they are not present in that of the Cien balm. However, it should be noted that this lip balm still contains some allergens.

Another major advantage of the product is its price. In fact, this balm is one of the cheapest on the market since its price is only 99 cents. Compared to classic lip balms, which see their prices rise quickly due to their many ingredients, that of the Cien brand is very inexpensive. This is particularly due to its simple composition which contains only a few products.

A product tested by volunteers

Chosen by the association as the most effective lip balm for this winter, it was tested by volunteers who shared their opinions. According to them, its hydration function is optimal and the balm does not stick. In addition, the result is not greasy, which makes it a pleasant product to use.

The result ? After a few weeks, users find their lips soft and hydrated without peeling. Those who wear makeup add that it is an excellent makeup base.

The product is therefore widely validated by volunteers. At this price, you have no reason not to try it yourself!