Here is the number of “micro-joys” you need to have during the day to be happy

Here is the number of “micro-joys” you need to have during the day to be happy

If happiness has become a quest for many people, we must not forget that it is also driven by micro-joys which prove to be very effective in feeling happy. Find out how many little joys you should experience every day.

For several years now (especially post-Covid), many people have been trying to unlock the secret of happiness. If we agree that the definition of happiness is specific to each individual, experts highlight that the “micro-joys” of everyday life can help us feel happy.

Small, insignificant joys… only in appearance!

Microjoys are moments in your day when you notice something small and perhaps seemingly insignificant, but still literally or figuratively beautiful. When we focus our senses entirely on ‘micro-joy’, we can be more grounded in the present moment“, psychologist Chloé Carmichael explained to Harper’s Bazaar. As for Johanna Burke, lecturer at the Center for Positive Health Sciences at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, she argues that “On a physiological level, indulging in ‘micro-joys’ can improve our vagal tone. This is important because the vagus nerve is responsible for our body’s autopilot system, which regulates processes we don’t have to think about, like our heart rate, digestion, and breathing. The vagus nerve is also linked to mood disorders and anxiety and stress regulation, so the more it is stimulated, the better off you are“, she explains to The Conversation. As you will have understood, these little everyday joys are essential to feeling happy. But for these micro-joys to bring maximum benefits, it would be necessary (ideally) feel a certain number of them…

Good in his body, good in his head!

5 positive emotions a day, the secret to a happy life?

According to Johanna Burke,some studies suggest a magic number: five positive emotions for every one negative emotion for optimal well-being. So for every negative emotion you feel during a day (like sadness, anger, or frustration), you would need five positive emotions (like joy, hope, or optimism) to balance them out. things and live a happy life“. Be careful, however, this search for micro-joys must remain spontaneous. Moreover, sometimes it is enough to simply be attentive to your emotions: the good smell of coffee in the morning, a friendly exchange with a colleague, a smile in the public transport (yes, yes, it’s possible!) or even holding your lover’s hand. Micro-joys are hidden everywhere in our daily lives but it’s easy to miss… The cause? Our hectic pace of life which sometimes prevents us from seeing the positive in this flood of stress.

From now on, let’s take the time to see all these little joys that can make life more beautiful.