‘High maintenance’: the new beauty routine for women looking for matt oils

'High maintenance': the new beauty routine for women looking for matt oils

Invest in high-end beauty services, sometimes expensive, to simplify your daily life – and in the process grab a few minutes of sleep each morning. This is the very essence of the latest trend buzzing on social networks, ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’, which could permanently transform women’s beauty routines.

We all know batch cooking, which consists of preparing the week’s dishes in advance, generally on Saturday or Sunday, to save time and not jump on the first can that comes along on lean days. The practice has been in consumers’ kitchens for a while, but now it could cross their bathroom door. In any case, this is what the virality of the latest beauty trend on social networks suggests, ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’, which has already generated more than 50 million views on TikTok. A real phenomenon poised to shake up the beauty habits of women, who now favor demanding and expensive services to free up time on a daily basis.

Wake up fresher (and ready) than ever

We will have understood, this new beauty routine (1.4 million views for #highmaintenanceroutine) has the primary objective of sleeping longer, and therefore waking up (almost) ready to go to work. And although some people are not necessarily aware of it, ‘high maintenance to be low maintenance’ is already well anchored in their daily habits. The proof with permanent hair removal, a popular practice for several years, which allows you to no longer have to shave on a daily basis. An undeniable saving of time, which also allows you to do without maintenance which can prove to be restrictive and more expensive in the long term.

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On the Chinese social network, it is now customary to share your ‘high maintenance routine’ and show that it saves time upon waking up. And when asked what they favor above anything else, TikTokers are unanimous – or almost – in mentioning laser hair removal, undoubtedly the most popular aesthetic service. But it is far from being the only one, although this new kind of routine actually adapts to everyone’s needs and wallet. That’s good, there are no rules. While some go to hairdressing and beauty salons to entrust this task to knowledgeable professionals, others compete in inventiveness to optimize their beauty routine and avoid spending long minutes in the bathroom every morning.

Brow lamination, brushing, et ‘tantouring’

Among the services to be carried out in salons, include eyelash extensions, ‘brow lamination’ sessions which allow you to have full, perfectly shaped and disciplined eyebrows, eyelash lifting to curl the eyelashes naturally, hair treatments. keratin for permanently silky hair, gel manicure (also to be done at home) or nail extensions, microblading which allows you to reshape and restructure eyebrows semi-permanently, or even Brazilian straightening. There are many other services and techniques to be carried out by a professional, but these are among the most popular with social users. Note that Botox is also cited to avoid facial treatments considered restrictive by the main stakeholders.

But those who do not have the budget to take advantage of these services can also be inventive at home. For hair, a soft blow-dry can last several days, just like many tips spotted on the Asian platform can allow you to obtain defined curls in record time. This is the case of the sock technique and the ‘ponytail blowout’, for example. But an intense and optimal hair routine, at least once a week, also allows you to spend less time in the bathroom every day. When it comes to makeup, ‘tantouring’ seems to win all the votes. This involves achieving permanent, or quasi, contouring using a self-tanner. So many tips that give women the opportunity to relax their morning beauty routine and squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep without having to neglect their appearance.

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