Home botox for pennies. Just 15 minutes will give you shiny and healthy hair

Home botox for pennies.  Just 15 minutes will give you shiny and healthy hair

Frequent drying and straightening, as well as the use of chemical products, are not good for your hair. As a result, the strands become dry, lose their shine, smoothness and elasticity. So how can you improve their appearance quickly, naturally and without spending a fortune in the salon? Try this home hair botox and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair every day.

Home botox for pennies.  Just 15 minutes will give you shiny and healthy hair

Homemade botox for hair – just 2 ingredients

Are you looking for a way to restore a beautiful and natural shine to your hair? As it turns out, you don’t have to use expensive hairdressing treatments. Grandma’s recipes also work. Unusual effects are provided by natural botox with honey, which strongly moisturizes the hair, rebuilds and nourishes it. This natural ingredient of home treatment is considered a treasure trove of vitamins (A and B), biotin, folic and pantothenic acid and minerals (including phosphorus, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium).

The food product produced by bees has a beneficial effect on hair. It has strongly moisturizing and nourishing properties. It retains water in the strands for longer, strengthening their structure and restoring their elasticity and shine. Additionally, honey has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp.

How to make home botox for hair?

There is nothing complicated about the recipe. You only need two ingredients: two tablespoons of natural honey and one egg yolk. Just mix the ingredients in a bowl until smooth and then place it in warm water for a few minutes to warm up the mask. Homemade cosmetics for special tasks should be warm, because this makes it easier to apply it to the hair.

Then honey botox should be applied evenly to damp hair, especially the ends and dry areas, and then gently and slowly massage the mixture along the entire length of the hair. Leave for about 10 minutes so that the ingredients can penetrate deeper into the hair structure.

Then rinse your hair with lukewarm water and wash it thoroughly with shampoo. You can also apply conditioner to the ends. The healthiest option is to let your hair dry naturally.

This home care treatment takes no longer than fifteen minutes. Honey botox for hair is completely non-invasive. It deeply nourishes the hair and restores its health, shine and hydration. The treatment can be used once a week.