Home cleaning experts: why Dreame cordless vacuum cleaners are interesting

Home cleaning experts: why Dreame cordless vacuum cleaners are interesting

A cordless upright vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for maintaining cleanliness, because it allows you to clean without being tied to an outlet. These are the models that Dreame offers.

High power

The power of the vacuum cleaner determines how successfully it copes with large debris and whether it is able to get rid of dirt even in hard-to-reach places. That’s why the Dreame R10 and R10 Pro are equipped with high-speed, high-performance brushless motors: both have a rotation speed of 120,000 rpm. At the same time, the rated power of the Dreame R10 is 350 W, and the Pro version is 425 W.

Both models have high suction power – 120 and 150 aerowatts, respectively. This is enough to cope with any household waste – from spilled buckwheat to long hair and cat fur. Dreame vacuum cleaners can also easily clean long-pile carpets.

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Always consistent cleaning quality

Dreame cordless upright vacuum cleaners are equipped with motorized brushes – independent motors on the heads ensure constant rotation at high speed. This means good cleaning quality. Illumination of the cleaning area also helps to maintain cleanliness, because the main brush in the Dreame R10 and R10 Pro models was equipped with LEDs. Thanks to this, dust accumulations are clearly visible even in the dark – for example, under cabinets or beds.

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Versatility is the key to purity

The main brush in Dreame vacuum cleaners has V-shaped bristles. This solution allows you to better clean a variety of types of floor coverings. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about old parquet, carpet or laminate flooring – cleaning will be equally effective.

Those who have furry pets at home know what it’s like to clean the vacuum cleaner brush from tangled hairballs. The Dreame R10 and R10 Pro solved the problem simply but effectively. The design in the form of special teeth, similar to a comb, helps to untangle even long hair and allows it to move freely into the dust collector.

The set includes several attachments: for the floor, upholstered furniture and hard-to-reach places. With one vacuum cleaner you can keep your window frames, walls and your favorite sofa clean. Crevice nozzles are also useful when you need to vacuum narrow spaces between cabinets or clean the inside of a car.

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Design thought out to the smallest detail

Dreame vacuum cleaners are equipped with a cyclonic dust collector and an advanced five-level filtration system. Dreame R10 and R10 Pro will appeal to allergy sufferers: vacuum cleaners capture almost all the dust and send it to the container, without releasing even small particles. The filter system is dismountable and can be easily washed if necessary.

The capacity of the waste container in both models is 0.6 liters. This is enough to thoroughly clean several rooms. You can clean it with one press of a button – the design is simple, but very convenient. The flask itself is made of transparent plastic, which makes it easy to control its filling level.

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Easy to clean and store

The weight of the Dreame R10 and R10 Pro models is 1.65 kg. By the standards of cordless vacuum cleaners, this is a moderate indicator – you can clean a large apartment or cottage without feeling tired or needing a break. The ergonomic design also contributes to comfort: the body is well balanced, the handle does not slip, all controls are at hand and intuitive.

The models differ in battery capacity – 2500 mAh for the Dreame R10 and 3000 mAh for the Pro version. In both cases, this is enough for long-term work. Thus, the Dreame R10 can last up to 60 minutes without recharging, and the R10 Pro can last up to 65 minutes. The battery is removable, so you can buy a second battery and simply change it if necessary without interrupting your cleaning session.

After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner should be mounted on the wall; a special clamp is already included in the kit. Thanks to this solution, the equipment takes up very little space. It’s worth placing the holder next to an outlet – it’s convenient, because you can charge the Dreame R10 and R10 Pro directly on the wall without removing it from the holder. The battery charge percentage can be monitored using LED indicators on the case.

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A good choice at a reasonable price

Dreame R10 and R10 Pro are well-balanced vertical vacuum cleaners that allow you to clean without wires, they have powerful motors, a thoughtful design and a set of brushes for all occasions. At the same time, there is no overpayment for additional options that may not be needed by everyone.

On October 23, Dreame vacuum cleaners are available for purchase in the official online store with a RUB 2,000 discount.

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