“Honey lips”: the return of sparkling and luscious lips?

"Honey lips": the return of sparkling and luscious lips?

There are countless summer makeup trends inspired by the refrigerator or the pantry, but the latest one does not just evoke gourmet flavors. The “honey lips”, with the sweet evocative name, mark the strong comeback of luscious and sparkling lips, which had disappeared as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic appeared, and its successive confinements, in favor of a more natural mouth. .

Whether eaten on a slice of butter, in the form of pastries, mixed with yogurt, or straight from the jar, honey is omnipresent in the diet, appreciated for its mild and sweet taste as well as for its health benefits. health. However, it was not its taste properties that propelled it this summer to the top of the trends on social networks… Honey is now unanimous among beauty enthusiasts, and more specifically make-up enthusiasts, who no longer swear than by ‘honey lips’, a shade of lipstick inspired by the characteristics of the precious nectar, between radiance and scintillation, with a luscious (but not sticky) effect that seems to make all the difference.

Greedy lips

It will be understood, it is not a question here of using honey to take advantage of its benefits for the skin, but of trying to reproduce the brilliance of the sweet substance on the lips. An idea that is unanimous on social networks, with no less than 430,000 views for the hashtag #honeylips in just a few weeks on TikTok. And it is to beauty content creator Eva Larosa that we owe the most viewed video on the subject to date, with already nearly 150,000 views. And that’s without counting on those accumulated for her ‘honey girl makeup’ tutorial which shows how to reproduce a complete beauty treatment inspired by the sparkling and amber color of honey. Impossible after that not to succumb to this gourmet trend.

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But then, how to get ‘honey lips’? As we have seen, it is not necessary to dig into your pantry to reproduce this beauty trend… A lip pencil, a gloss, and an eye shadow are more than enough to tackle this task. To begin, as is customary when working the mouth, it is advisable to erase the dead skin with an exfoliant to ensure that you obtain very smooth and uniform lips. Then come the fateful steps: apply a gold-colored eye shadow at the level of the Cupid’s bow and in the center of the lower lip, underline the lips using a pencil of the same shade as the lips or slightly more dark, then finish with an ultra-shiny gloss. That’s it, your lips will be both luscious and sparkling.

A refreshing and sweet beauty

The ‘honey lips’ are part of a broader trend observed for several weeks in the world of beauty: the desire to draw inspiration from drinks and other sweet treats to perfect your summer makeup. Witness the ‘syrup nails’, which have accumulated 8 million views to date, espresso makeup, which is characterized by tanned and full-bodied makeup, or even strawberry makeup for a “sunkissed” effect and healthy glow.

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