How five minutes and a coffee can transform your relationship

How five minutes and a coffee can transform your relationship

It is not always easy to remain a couple amidst children, shopping and the multitude of things to think about on a daily basis. To prevent the flame from going out, faced with the weight of everyday life, here is a very simple tip to implement: take five minutes every morning to talk to yourself over a cup of coffee.

This tip, revealed in a video by Aston Simmond, a relationships coach based in Australia, could transform your relationship and would only require five minutes each morning while drinking your coffee. “Taking a five-minute coffee break together is more than just caffeine: it’s our daily dose of connection, deep conversation, and a fun way to get on the same page“, she wrote in the caption of her post. For those who are not fans of caffeine, a cup of tea can do the trick just as well.

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This tip came about after a difficult time in Aston Simmonds’ life, when his own marriage was on the precipice. “Not only did it save our marriage, but it also completely transformed our relationship“, assures the expert. Even when they are geographically separated, the couple reserves five minutes for an intimate video conversation.

This special moment together also serves as an escape from marital routine. Often, when living with your partner, discussions revolve around household chores, bills and parenting responsibilities. Thanks to this little morning meeting, you have the opportunity to share your emotions and feelings about your relationship. The coach insists that initial communication must be uninhibited: “We start with open communication about how we feel within ourselves and in the relationship. The intention is to take turns listening and sharing for a minute or less” she says in an article published in Kidspot.

To fuel this conversation, Aston Simmonds offers five key questions: “How do you feel about yourself and our relationship? What do you like about our relationship, what works. Is there something that’s bothering you that isn’t working that you haven’t talked about? What is important to you this week and how can I support you? What do you need ? What actions should we take after this meeting?

By asking one of these questions, you could deepen mutual understanding and strengthen the connection within your relationship.

In short, the coffee trick can be a simple but effective way to rekindle the flame in your relationship. By taking these five minutes each morning to communicate openly and sincerely with your partner, you could well promote mutual understanding, and who knows, gain complicity. So, grab your cups of coffee (or tea) for a more solid and fulfilling relationship!