How Posié reinterpreted Catherine the Great’s crown in the Coronation collection

How Posié reinterpreted Catherine the Great's crown in the Coronation collection

The Coronation collection is one of the main lines of the young jewelry brand Posié, which appeared thanks to the ALROSA company. The collection is inspired by the best jewelers and their creations created for Europe. Among them is the French-Swiss jeweler Jeremy Pozier. In 1762, by order of Catherine the Great, he worked on creating a large imperial crown. Later it became the main state regalia of Europe.

In working with the crown, Pozier used diamonds of different cuts, which was an innovative approach at that time. In the Posié collection, diamonds of different cuts are woven into laurel garlands: the sharp lines of marquises are adjacent to the soft inflorescences of cushions, creating a special rhythm of the pattern against the background of round diamonds.

Modern jewelers are also inspired by the shapes and patterns of the crown. For example, the classic “triumphal” composition in the form of laurel branches has become the main element of the collection. Bright red spinels, reminiscent of the stone from the imperial crown, as well as Ceylon sapphires were chosen as accents.