How sad: these are the signs that they have self-esteem problems!

segni zodiacali problemi di autostima

The zodiac signs with more self-esteem problems are people who really have great difficulty in asserting themselves in life: are you among them?

Fake it until you make it, (i.e. pretend until you get it do) is one of the mantras that we should all live our lives.
It tells us that, in reality, everyone else pretends to know what they are doing until they reach the right result.
Everyone except people who have big self-esteem problems: those born under this zodiac sign toiling a bit’ more than anyone else in this field!

The zodiac signs with the most self-esteem problems of the whole horoscope: here is the ranking!

Today we decided to propose a classification horoscope which will certainly make some people angry.

zodiac signs self-esteem problems

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Indeed, maybe not: after all we are talking about Zodiac signs with more problems from self-esteem: certainly they will not start ranting because we have included them in today’s ranking!
We asked stars and planets to tell us about all those zodiac signs that have problems with self-esteem because, in life, self-esteem is one of those fundamental characteristics.
Don’t despair though: you can train and develop even if someone has told you all your life that you shouldn’t believe in yourself.

Maybe this one classification it could be a first call upon awakening: you are also among the Zodiac signs with more self-esteem problems than the whole horoscope?

Aquarius: fifth place

We are sure that all those born under the sign ofAquarius they are particularly amazed (as well as offended) to see their mark in this one classification horoscope.

Those born under the sign ofAquarius they are people who always tend too much to compensate … what they believe they do not have!
That’s why they always worry about everyone, they always have a solution ready and they never stop: they have very little self-esteem and they believe they have to earn love and admiration with a constant flow from “solutions“!

That may be why the Aquarius I’m also in the ranking of zodiac signs always negative?

Taurus: fourth place

Needless to say, i Bull are people who have a self-esteem truly low: much lower than you imagine!

There is a consideration, however: those born under the sign of Bull they are great at hiding their self-esteem issues!
THE Bull they always try to have everything under control in every area of ​​life: they are very organized, very precise, always oriented towards success. (For this reason, the Taurus are also in the ranking of the most annoying zodiac signs of the whole horoscope).
The reality is that i Bull they really believe they need a very thick armor behind which to hide because if they showed their true nature no one would love them!

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Twins they are people who have practically non-existent self-esteem: it is useless to deny it or ignore it!
THE Twinsin fact, they are famous for always switching from one situation to another, jumping from one problem to another without looking back twice.

The reason is that those born under the sign of TwinsCompletely devoid of self-esteem as they are, they often end up in situations they find deplorablejust because they get persuaded by other people to follow them.
Here, then, that i Twins they never do what they want but always what others want. The result it’s simply explosive!

Libra: second place

Dear friends of the Weight scalewe put you in second place in this ranking and we already know that you will roll your eyes and behave as if this is the most absurd news you have ever heard.

You know very well, however, that to be one Weight scale it also often means “lying” about certain of your attitudes and certain feelings of yours.
The reason is always and only one: you want to please others and are therefore always extremely accommodating and ready to meet others. Why are you like this? But simply because you Weight scale you often have self-esteem below the shoes and you believe that pleasing others, all the others that exist in the world, is fundamental.

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs with the most self-esteem problems

Finally, in the first place of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Sagittarius.
Dear Sagittariuswe are sure that you will not be angry precisely because you are extremely accommodating people and do not care much about what others think of them.

But why are you like this, have you ever thought about it?
The reason is that you are people who have a decidedly low self-esteem and who, precisely for this reason, give up any struggle at the start.
Because get busyWhy discuss And troubled when can you let it all go You often feel unable to cope with problems and let others suffer.
The reason is that you always back down on principle and the reason you always back down is that… you Sagittarius do not believe in yourself at all!

Our horoscope rankings are to be regarded as pure and simple entertainment created by us for our readers solely and exclusively for fun.

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