How the first wellness island in the Maldives JOALI BEING works

How the first wellness island in the Maldives JOALI BEING works

For two years now, JOALI BEING has been changing the idea of ​​a holiday in the Maldives. This is the first – and so far the only – island where you can get an unforgettable experience of self-discovery, relax, recuperate, reconnect with nature and find harmony with yourself and the world around you. The concept of transformational programs is based on four elements of physical and mental well-being, developed with the participation of a professor at Oxford University: consciousness, microbiome, skin and energy. The magic is that no program was designed or written in advance – the resort’s team of experts, consisting of naturopaths, therapists, physical therapy and fitness specialists, guest coaches and mentors, invites everyone to create their own path of self-discovery and reboot.

Programs last from five days to three weeks and, thanks to an integrated approach, help solve a variety of problems – for example, you can focus on restoring healthy sleep, maintaining immunity, digestive balance or weight correction. Not only are the programs unique, but so are the innovative treatment rooms (39 in total) and transformational spaces located throughout the island.

Thus, you can restore internal balance with the help of harmonizing sounds and vibrations – one of the most underrated techniques that is successfully practiced on the island. Begin your sound therapy journey at the Seda Pavilion, a mesmerizing space created by sound therapist and JOALI BEING consultant Aurelio C Hammer. To describe it in a few words, it is a small room with a couch in the center, surrounded by unusual tools. Pipes and tubes, metal plates and cylinders produce a variety of sounds, at times reminiscent of the sounds of the earth or even the cries of animals. By the way, the couch itself is also a kind of instrument, so you will not only hear sounds, but also feel vibrations with your whole body. We recommend prolonging the effect later in Discovery Sound Path – here, in the open air and among the real jungle, 12 unique instruments have been collected, which were also created with the participation of Hammer. Following a secluded path, you can extract sounds from unusual instruments yourself and listen to how they mix with the sound of waves, the rustling of exotic leaves and dissolve in space.

The last thing you expect to find on a tropical island is a cryonics chamber, but here it is. In the absence of contraindications, it is best to go into a small capsule in which an extremely low temperature is created (usually from –50 to –170 °C) in the morning, since this is one of the fastest ways to invigorate the body and recharge yourself in a good mood for the whole day (after the procedure, powerful release of endorphins). Despite the frighteningly low readings on the thermometer and the clouds of white steam, the procedure is easily tolerated – the cooling effect in the chamber is created by dry air mixed with liquid nitrogen vapor. To ensure that two or three minutes (this is the interval shown to beginners) pass, or rather run, as comfortably as possible, the therapist before the procedure gives out warm socks with rubber slippers, a hat, mittens and a face mask. And the good mood during the session is ensured by music, which can be selected in advance on the tablet.

Real magic and complete harmony with nature

JOALI BEING is located on Bodufushi Island in Raa Atoll. It is accessible via a 40-minute seaplane flight from Male International Airport (it is also possible to book a private seaplane transfer). The first thing you notice is the pier and the snow-white pavilion. He is the perfect example of biophilic design. And the starting point of the reboot – it’s not for nothing that it bears the symbolic name Gate of Zero. Its design is inspired by the white skirt of a dervish, which is also symbolic, because this dance is not just whirling in space, it symbolizes the liberation of the spirit and zeroing.

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The architectural concept was developed and implemented by the architects of the Autoban design studio together with Atolye4N, who also developed the design concept for the flagship JOALI Maldives resort. Construction took place in accordance with the principles of that very biophilic design – a scientific system of integrating architecture into the natural environment. This approach made it possible to preserve the wild jungle of the island so that guests could feel maximum harmony with nature, recharging with its positive energy.

The hotel features 68 spacious villas located on the beach and water. Travelers can choose from 13 different villa categories, offering from one to four bedrooms. Inspired by the gentle curves of coastlines, waves, seashells and greenery, the design features soft, streamlined shapes that feel like an extension of the Indian Ocean. Each one has an infinity pool, an open-air shower, large terraces, an individual so-called wellbeing bar with tasty and healthy snacks, as well as meditative musical instruments and games. And each villa is assigned a personal butler, or, as they call him here, a jadugar (translated from Maldivian as “an experienced wizard”). And this is not just a nice word – your personal “wizard” will do everything to make your stay on the island as comfortable and memorable as possible.

New play space for children and adults

To the resort’s mission – to help guests achieve harmony of soul and body – another global goal has been added: to introduce children from an early age to self-care and to develop this skill in every possible way. To this end, on December 15, the island’s team of experts will present B’Kidult, a play area for children, which, however, is also suitable for adults. It is known that spending time together not only brings fun, but also has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of both adults and children. The new space is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding nature of the island and provides endless opportunities for learning.

Each of the spaces refers to the philosophy and concept of JOALI BEING – those four elements of physical and mental well-being. B’Kidult guests have at their disposal sensory areas aimed at developing the senses, outdoor play kitchens, and a culinary space for the youngest chefs. Guests of all ages can also take part in educational seminars and wellness workshops, from preparing natural herbal treatments with local experts to learning the healing power of sound from practicing sound therapy experts.