How to benefit from the bicycle bonus in 2024

How to benefit from the bicycle bonus in 2024

If you want to buy a bicycle, with or without electric assistance, you can always benefit from financial assistance, under certain conditions. In 2024, the main novelty is the expanded eligibility for used bicycles.

Any adult resident in Europe wishing to purchase a bicycle may be eligible for state aid, in the form of an ecological bonus of up to 2,000 euros, under certain conditions. Since January 1, 2024, it even concerns the purchase of a used bicycle. Please note, however, that an individual can only benefit from the bicycle bonus once and that the bicycle must not be resold within twelve months following its purchase.

To be eligible for the bicycle bonus, you must have a reference tax income per unit of less than or equal to 14,089 euros. Please note that people with disabilities, who benefit from the disabled adult allowance (AAH), the disability compensation benefit (PCH), the increase for independent living (MVA), the disability allowance education of disabled children (AEEH) or who hold a disability card are also entitled to it.

As for the amount of state aid, it is set at 40% of the acquisition cost, within the limit of 150 euros for a classic bicycle. For the most modest incomes, it can reach 400 euros for an electric model and 2,000 euros for a cargo bike allowing the transport of people or goods or intended to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the ecological bonus, the conversion bonus can also finance part of the purchase of an electric bike, if it is intended to become your default means of transport and you wish to scrap your old car. (petrol or Diesel). This is the same assistance also regarding the purchase of an electric car, scooter or motorcycle. To benefit from it, you must scrap a diesel car dating from before 2011 or a gasoline car registered for the first time before 2006. The amount of this bonus is then set at 40% of the purchase price of the electrically assisted bicycle, in the limit of 3,000 euros for the lowest incomes.

Requests concerning the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus must be made online on the dedicated site

Finally, it is also sometimes possible to benefit from aid from local authorities. Today, many cities encourage their residents to cycle by setting up a subsidy, without resource conditions, for the purchase of an electric bike. This aid varies greatly depending on the municipalities, but most of the time represents several hundred euros. Simply consult your town hall to find out if it offers this type of subsidy and under what conditions. All of this assistance is obviously cumulative.