How to choose men’s shoes and accessories: 5 rules

How to choose men's shoes and accessories: 5 rules

In 2012, based on the results of a large-scale survey, researchers at the University of Kansas found that people not only pay attention to the shoes of their interlocutor, but also tend to make predictions about a person’s personal qualities based on them. Moreover, the accuracy of such forecasts reaches 90%. We are talking not only about the relationship between the character and type of shoes (for example, extroverts choose bright models, and introverts choose calmer ones), but also about its general condition: cleanliness, shape, neatness. This alone convinces us to be almost more attentive to the choice of boots or sneakers than to other elements of the wardrobe. After all, no matter how well tailored, stylish and neat your suit is, one wrong detail can ruin everything.

Pay attention to quality

How confident you feel in shoes depends mainly not on their appearance or brand, but on comfort. Hard, heavy, chafing shoes for a man are the same as high-heeled shoes for a woman: they are only comfortable for sitting or standing still. Therefore, the first thing you should do is pay attention to materials, giving preference to natural ones. However, leading shoe manufacturers do not limit themselves to this, paying special attention to handcraft, artisan techniques and details that are barely noticeable at first glance, but are noticeable when worn.

For example, the Doucal’s brand uses Blake technology, fixing the sole, lining, upper and insole with a single seam. The result is a boot that fits the foot like a glove, with a form-fitting silhouette, elasticity and softness. Fabi went even further, introducing the Blake Evolution project in 2022. The technology has been improved by introducing a thin layer of memory foam latex into the sole – so that the shoe does not just hug the foot, but adapts to it and retains its shape. The approach to production as to the creation of a work of art affects daily comfort and the desire to wear only this pair and no other. And at the same time, do not be afraid of its appearance over the years: on high-quality soft leather, creases look so natural that it only benefits the overall style.

Don’t ignore the weight of your shoes

When choosing shoes, we often omit such a criterion as its weight. But in vain – this becomes clear literally on the first active walk. Weighty shoes make your step heavier in every sense, leaving behind one feeling – fatigue. Fortunately, not only manufacturers of sports sneakers have been paying attention to this in recent years. Loafers, derbies and Chelsea boots also become lighter and are not felt on the foot. This helps by choosing natural soft materials, refusing metal fittings and working with the sole. For example, the brand Principe di Bologna gravitates towards minimalism, making classic models with accentuated and durable, but at the same time thin leather soles. Some shoes do not have it at all, giving way to almost invisible rubber protector inserts.

Show off your style

The times when shoes were matched to some other item of clothing, be it a down jacket, a coat or a formal evening suit, are gone. Often it is this that is purchased first and only then the rest of the image is built. This was influenced by the very development of shoe culture and the variety of models on the modern market.

In the largest network of multi-brand boutiques NO ONE you can find not just a comfortable, durable pair. In addition to Italian classics, rethought with the help of technology, the range includes, for example, Premiata urban sneakers. They have no chance of remaining unnoticed either in the European region or in the crowded central square of any European city. Vintage silhouettes and bright colors are balanced here by architectural details and materials selected with the famous Italian perfectionism. Therefore, even though the shoes become the accent of the image, they are easily combined with the rest of its elements.

Premiata sneakers

Premiata sneakers

By the way, historical shoe manufacturers in NO ONE appear in a new light, showing the results of their experiments in the field of the latest catwalk and TikTok trends. For example, at Principe di Bologna you can find closed sandals in the dadcore style that is popular today, and at Renzo Mercuri – a symbiosis of sneakers and trekking boots. The Barracuda brand, created by the same family that founded the Fabi brand, also departs from the usual style. Along with bright sneakers on a high platform, the latest collections feature, for example, suede loafers with a soft flexible heel.

Think about the context

In the quest for self-expression, it is important to remember appropriateness: no matter how much fashion tries to argue with the rules, allowing you to wear a business suit with sneakers, and a patina derby with a bomber jacket, the environment still matters. It’s unlikely to be a good idea to wear relaxed boat shoes to a business meeting, especially if it’s negotiations with international partners.

Accessories help vary the appearance depending on the event, time of day and dress code. For example, a suit will look different with shoes worn with socks or heels. Likewise, the color and pattern of a tie or the size and texture of a belt buckle can influence his perception. At NO ONE, based on your lifestyle and the nature of your meetings, you can choose not only shoes, but also other important details. Moreover, they are often produced by the same brands, from Fabi to Principe di Bologna, convincing us not to doubt at least two criteria – quality and durability.