How to choose the right bread? Tips from a nutrition expert

How to choose the right bread?  Tips from a nutrition expert

Seeds, wholemeal, country… Bread is part of the daily diet of the French. But how to choose it well? Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist, enlightens us.

Like all French people, do you love bread? If the traditional baguette (and its famous lump to munch on the way) remains a reference, white bread is not ideal for your health. Better to favor its more complete cousins.

Choosing the right bread: instructions for use

According to a survey carried out in 2021 by QualiQuanti for the Fédération des Entreprises de Boulangerie Pâtisserie (FEB), we consume nearly 105 grams of bread per day. A key ingredient in our meals which therefore needs to be chosen carefully.

Because if this food is naturally rich in fiber and nutrients and sometimes even in protein, certain flours used for its creation are less interesting from a nutritional point of view. This is particularly the case for white flour, which is devoid of fiber and rich in carbohydrates (sugars).

Some industrial breads are also full of preservatives (no fewer than 14 additives are authorized in white baguettes) to help the baker obtain bread of consistent quality and thus make daily life easier.

It is therefore difficult to find your way among all these breads (being sold in bulk, labeling the bread is not obligatory).

The solution, in this case? Choose “artisanal” breads – made by a baker and not by a food industry giant – to ensure you get better quality bread.

Tips from our nutritionist

Interviewed on this subject, dietician-nutritionist Alexandra Murcier reveals to us that others “good reflexes“allows us to find the “best bread“.

  • It is always more interesting to choose bread made from wholemeal flour, because it has a lower glycemic index: it is richer in fiber, which provides better satiety, a less significant glycemic response, and therefore limits the fat storage“, assures the expert.
  • Other recommendation “When choosing whole products, it is better to choose organic, because the grain husk remains intact. If they are not organic, we consume more pesticides“, she explains.
  • “HAS the bakery, it is also better to choose sourdough bread: it is more digestible and the glycemic index is also lower“, confirms the expert.
  • Also be careful”to breads enriched with raisins, dried apricots… The intake of calories and sugar is immediately greater”, warns the specialist.
  • Finally, for people who eat gluten-free: “Be careful with breads made from corn flour: their glycemic index is very high, it is better to choose buckwheat bread which is richer in protein and has a lower glycemic index. she confirms.

And in supermarkets?

In this case, our expert advises us:

  • In the supermarket:You must check the labels and if possible choose those with the lowest “carbohydrates including sugars” label.“, explains Alexandra Murcier.
  • We also avoid sandwich bread which is a product that contains sugar and is highly processed.“, she concludes.
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