How to cultivate your tan after the holidays (and despite the weather)

How to cultivate your tan after the holidays (and despite the weather)

August means holidays for some, but back to work for others. And if your tanned skin is already the envy of the office, without maintenance, it won’t last. Especially since the bad weather does not help cultivate that hard-earned tan. Here are three unstoppable tips that will help extend it until the start of the school year, and even more…

Every year, it’s the same story! Synonymous with discoveries, pleasures, and idleness, the summer period is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the sun, the beach, or the sea. Tanning is part of it, provided of course you have it. acquired while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, in other words by using appropriate sun protection and a good after-sun for hydration. Adopting the right reflexes helps prevent sunburn and the risk of skin cancer, but also optimizes your tan. And if you add these three tips to that, you can probably enjoy your tanned skin until the next vacation.

A gentle scrub

Whether you choose a store-bought exfoliator or a homemade recipe, exfoliation is undoubtedly the main step to a tan that lasts. And contrary to popular belief, this one will not ruin your tanned complexion, quite the contrary. It is even recommended to exfoliate your skin before exposure to the sun, at least twice a week before going on vacation, but also during, and even more so after this long summer trip. This eliminates dead cells, and therefore reveals an even tan that will last.

Good hydration

Moisturizing your skin becomes almost a reflex on vacation, after each exposure, but it is also a gesture that you quickly forget once your suitcases are put away. Yet this is what can turn your perfect tan into crocodile skin. However, there is nothing complicated. Just choose the cream, oil, or milk that best suits your skin type, and apply it at least once a day after bathing or showering. A simple, but essential reflex, which you should not regret, on the contrary. Note that hydration also goes through the inside, so consuming water and foods full of water will also help to maintain your tanned complexion.

A helping hand from beauty allies

Calling on the riches of nature to prolong your tan is possible. This requires certain vegetable oils but also very specific foods. In these two forms, the carrot, rich in provitamin A, perfectly fulfills the function of tan extender, just like the tomato, the peach, and the apricot. That’s good, it’s in season! And if that’s not enough, there is also the possibility of using a self-tanner, much less glamorous than a real tan acquired on a sandy beach – or around a swimming pool – but just as effective.