How to do bright makeup: trends, ideas and expert advice

How to do bright makeup: trends, ideas and expert advice

Together with an expert, we’ll figure out which bright makeup trends are relevant in 2024 and how to correctly replicate them.

  • What kind of makeup is considered bright?
  • How to do bright makeup
  • Bright makeup ideas

What kind of makeup is considered bright?

Bright makeup is colorful and catchy; acidic and neon shades, contrasting color combinations and original solutions are acceptable. But a “screaming” make-up must be stylish, otherwise it looks ridiculous, and the abundance of colors hides rather than emphasizes beauty. Bright makeup can be chosen for any face type and age. It is important to take into account the circumstances: such an image looks appropriate at a social event, photo shoot or party, but not at an official work meeting.

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In bright makeup, it is important to emphasize and preserve natural beauty, although this sounds contradictory. A thick layer of foundation only looks good in photos, where bright lighting hides imperfections. During the day, such makeup will look like a mask, which is definitely something to avoid.

How to do bright makeup: trends, ideas and expert advice

How to do bright makeup

Blush should give the cheeks a light tint, rather than coloring them in contrasting spots, and highlighter should highlight the desired areas of the skin, and not the entire face. The main rule: bright does not mean much. To create bright makeup, follow these rules:

  1. Use cosmetics in moderation. Do not overuse creamy and crumbly textures or unnecessary layers; apply no more than two layers of mascara so that there are no clumps left on the eyelashes.

  2. Dark accents should not prevail. When highlighting eyebrows, even in bright makeup, it is important to maintain their naturalness: carefully draw the hairs, and not draw a thick pencil line. Try using shadows for soft shading.

  3. Consider your color type. Bright makeup colors can be matched to clothes, accessories and even the interior of a photo shoot, but the best image is created from those that are in harmony with the appearance. Look for shades that will highlight the natural features of bright makeup, contrasting perfectly and making the look brighter:

  • brown eyes – blue palette;

  • blue and gray eyes – sand and smoky gray shades;

  • green eyes – pink liners and glitters.

  1. If you are afraid to overdo it, highlight one part of the face: focus either on the eyes or on the lips, but not on all at once.

Prepare the necessary cosmetics and accessories in advance. For clear lines you need well-sharpened pencils and liners; synthetic brushes are useful for applying loose and pressed shadows. Use fluffy brushes for blending.

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Bright makeup step by step:

  1. Take care of your complexion. Bright colors attract attention, so the skin should be flawless. Use your favorite foundation, concealer and powder.
  2. Apply concealer to the high points of your face to highlight these areas.
  3. Decide what the emphasis will be: eyebrows, eyes or lips.
  4. Use selected shades and bright color combinations. Apply shadows, line your eyes with a pencil, and, if necessary, complement the look with arrows.
  5. Powder your face and apply a makeup fixing spray to keep it in place for a long time.

5 ideas for bright makeup 2024

You can come up with your own ideas for makeup, or be inspired by models and lessons from makeup artists on social networks. Many experts post video instructions for the holidays, thanks to which you can create an original and memorable image for a gala reception or a themed party.

1. Neon eyeliner

Bright eyeliner can become part of your daytime look if you correctly combine the colors of your makeup and wardrobe

Bright eyeliner can become part of your daytime look if you correctly combine the colors of your makeup and wardrobe

Bright arrows are the hit of the season. “Neon” does not mean it will glow in the dark. But the shades of this cosmetics are especially bright, acidic, as if illuminated. If you are confident in your abilities and ability to draw straight lines, feel free to combine two suitable colors on your eyelids, for example, neon yellow and pink.

2. Deep blue

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Pinterest in its annual trend study named shades of blue and light blue as the top makeup trend in 2024. These tones are suitable for any eye shade, depending on the intensity of the color. Choose ultramarine and azure eyeliners, shade your pencil lines and complement them with shimmering shadows.

3. Ultra shine

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Matte textures are replaced by a glossy shine, including on the face. A highlighter with a wet shimmer and a lip plumper will come in handy. Like many current makeup ideas, the trend originated on TikTok, and Hailey Bieber is considered its founder. In this makeup with dewy nuances, you can focus on lips of a neutral shade, but slightly darker than natural. Life hack: you can easily add shine to your cheekbones and eyes using transparent lip gloss. And this is another obvious trend – the use of one product for several areas: a stick or liquid tint, which is equally convenient for applying blush, shading the eyes and focusing on the lips.

4. Balletcore

Do not confuse it with barbie core – the latter is gradually moving into the category of anti-trends. You can try on the look of a ballerina using neutral makeup (but always with pink tones, for example, as blush). The skin should be perfectly smooth, so you should stock up on primer and translucent foundation. The brightness of the look is added by cream blush, which should be used on both the cheeks and lips instead of lipstick, as well as clear, graphic, but neat arrows.


5. Face jewelry

Pearl stickers, rhinestones and transfer tattoos are still in trend

Pearl stickers, rhinestones and transfer tattoos are still in trend

Sparkles, sequins and shimmer are no longer the prerogative of concert venues. Add appliques, transfer tattoos and other facial decorations even to bright daytime makeup.

6. Sun and gold

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Bright sparkles of gold and bronze colors were previously associated only with festive makeup, but now they are worth trying on even in daytime looks. It is ideal if the shadows and shimmer contain clearly visible large mica particles. Gold accents pair well with beige, brown and pink tones. If you highlight your eyes in this bright makeup, it will be enough to line your lips with a pencil and moisturize with gloss or nude lipstick.

7. Ombre on the lips


Ideas with smooth color transitions in makeup do not disappear anywhere, but are transformed every year. In 2024, look for gothic lips that look like you took a sip of red wine. They should be darker towards the center and lighter at the edges. You can choose colors based on your own preferences: from soft pink to bright scarlet and juicy berries.