How to get rid of love handles

How to get rid of love handles quickly and through which specific exercises that can reduce the waistline

Let’s see together some tips and advice to reduce love handles and tone all the stabilizing muscles of the trunk.


  • Do specific movement and exercises
    • Russian twist
    • shelf alto
    • Side plank
  • Make love
  • To breath deeply
  • Cut back on candy
  • Standing abdominals
  • Reward yourself (and not with food)

Do specific movement and exercises

To feel less heavy you need to go towards a feeling of constant lightness which is achieved through an excellent combination of cardio workouts and targeted exercises. Pushing the heart to work well means helping the body to dispose of unnecessary fat. These are work sessions that should be carried out regularly 2-3 times a week for an average of 40-45 minutes each time.

The movement aimed at reducing abdominal fat and in the lateral areas of the trunk and abdomen consists of disciplines and practices such as brisk walking, running, treadmill, aerobics. All the variants of cycling work are also doing well, such as spinning or hydrobike (to which is added the precious role of water resistance, extremely useful for toning up); needless to say that cycling in the open air allows the whole body to oxygenate.

Russian twist

The Russian Twist is a simple abdominal exercise to work the core, shoulders and hips. It is based on a repeated and focused twisting movement around the abdomen. Stand on the ischium on the ground and legs slightly bent, feet flat on the ground. A small curve is created at the lumbar level thanks to the abdominal contraction and to avoid unpleasant problems affecting the final area of ​​the spine, the abdominals and the deep muscles are activated, creating a sort of C-shape (a C-shape defined in the classic Pilates system ). In a rhythmic and decisive way, the sternum is brought in one of the two directions, rotating it 10 times to the right and another 10 times to the left, always starting from the V position on the ground.

The Russian Twist tones the whole body and generates a significant thinning of the waist; the belly flattens and more circulation is generated in the abdomen. It also improves balance, coordination and reduces injuries that occur when twisting while standing or sitting.

shelf alto

It is an exercise that is performed free body and allows the development of an isometric type of work. Arms and shoulders are in line and the body rests on the strength of the palms and the strength of the toes. Legs stretched back, column all in line, chin that does not give way and neck that does not get arched back. Abs held, as well as the buttocks. This exercise allows you to fortify the entire abdominal and gluteal structure and helps to develop a stable structure, burn calories, have no back problems, keep strength in the arms and open the shoulders well, also developing a form of concentration that is needed for the whole duration of the exercise. The greater the focus, the greater the success.

It is very important to avoid going apnea while performing the exercise. Never give in from the spine and keep the whole back on a single oblique axis. If your arms are still weak, you can try the variant standing on your elbows only, and if even then you feel pain, you can lower your knees. The warm-up and wrist preparation exercises are excellent.

Side plank

The side plank is performed starting from the lying position on the ground on one side. The hip touches the ground and in the trim the elbow falls under the shoulder while the forearm is left on the ground, in front of the body, with the palm pressing against the floor. The other arm stays close to the hip. The pelvis is raised to an oblique position, without stiffening the neck. Excellent exercise to strengthen the internal and external obliques, the main protagonists of a strong, toned abdomen and chest.

Make love

It must be clearly stated that although love handles are named in this way to give support and grip during passion, the very act of making love reduces them considerably. When we dedicate ourselves to the exchange of body and soul with someone, we push the pedal hard on our energy expenditure. The sexual act then, if seasoned with the right foreplay and accompanied by dance, effusions, games, jokes and small attempts of playful struggle, leads to burning additional calories and greatly improves mood.

To breath deeply

Trying to consciously manage the diaphragm lowering and mechanical raising system allows you to always spray the organs and keep them toned. Breathing well lowers the risk of accumulating fat from stress and keeps us in direct contact with our emotions. Mindful management of breathing makes all accessory and primary muscles work in a functional way and provides tone to internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, loin squares and keeps the entire thoracolumbar belt elastic.

Cut back on candy

The candy and the flour and sugar combo are devastating for everything related to our health and the state of our abs and lower chest area. Very often they are located on the hips for women and end up resulting in extra pounds on the waist too. The same goes for other vices such as alcohol. A healthy and relaxed life allows you to have the right rhythms and to listen to yourself in an authentic and pure way.

Standing abdominals

Easy to perform, wonderful in terms of effectiveness, miraculous for the waist. Just stand upright, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Hands behind the neck or directly on the hips with bent elbows. Descend into lateral flexion in a rhythmic way 10 times to the right and 10 to the left, without exceeding too much in the jerky movement, but keeping it fluid and soft. The same goes for the transverse twists, leaving the legs semi-flexed and turning the trunk ten times to the right and 10 times to the left, without “bringing” the knee in the direction of the twist.

Reward yourself (and not with food)

Stress is a major cause, along with poor diet and lack of physical movement. It becomes very important to maintain internal contact with emotions and to recognize often and willingly how it feels. In this way we live in a state of presence and important consciousness that allows us to feel moment by moment what we need, including factors distant from food and from opening the fridge by force.

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