How to recognize milk that has gone sour?

How to recognize milk that has gone sour?

Although it is an essential part of breakfast, milk can also cause poisoning. How do you know that it has “turned” and thus avoid getting sick? Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist, answers us.

While a massive milk recall is underway in Europe, the question of conserving said liquid deserves to be asked. How to detect spoiled milk? And how long does it take to consume the bottle once opened? Answers.

Beware of curdled milk!

Milk is mainly composed of lactose and lactic ferments. But not only ! It also contains bacteria (lactic ferments) and casein (the main protein in milk) which sometimes cause a chemical reaction. The liquid then curdles and the milk is said to have “turned”.

The color, smell and consistency of milk are excellent indicators: if they change (the milk has lumps for example, editor’s note), it is better to avoid drinking it. Ditto, in terms of taste: if it is acrid, a bit like rancid butter, you have to throw the bottle in the trash“, specifies Alexandra Murcier, dietitian-nutritionist, before adding “Like any product of animal origin, you must pay attention to the proper storage of milk and respect expiration dates. Once it is opened, drink it quickly.”

Also be careful not to drink aged raw milk: unlike pasteurized milk (which is heated to 75°C in order to destroy bacteria, editor’s note), this can cause digestive problems, even gastroenteritis or food poisoning.

Same thing if the milk package is swollen: this means that the fermentation process has started, and it must therefore be thrown away.

Finally, always make sure to tightly close the bottle of milk in your refrigerator. The latter is full of bacteria which can cause it to turn.

Fresh, pasteurized, UHT milk: how long to keep them?

Once opened, pasteurized milk or fresh milk should be consumed within 2 to 3 days maximum.

As for UHT milk, the opened bottle must be consumed within 2 to 5 days maximum.

Finally, regarding vegetable milk, it must be consumed within 5 days.

Eight tips for replacing milk

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