How to relieve your sunburn in record time?

How to relieve your sunburn in record time?

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You may know the feeling all too well: a moment of pure bliss in the sun and suddenly… oops! Burnt shoulders! Do not panic, discover in this article effective tips to say goodbye to sunburn.

The sun, although a source of vitamin D and energy, can sometimes be our worst enemy when enjoyed without protection. Sunburns, although they may seem harmless, are actually first or second degree burns. If you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation, here are effective methods to relieve and heal your skin in record time!

Aloe Vera: nature to the rescue of sunburn

Aloe vera is not only this aesthetic plant that we find in our interiors, it is above all a miracle solution in case of sunburn. The gel contained in its thick leaves offers properties anti-inflammatory and hydrating. Not only does it provide an instant feeling of freshness, but it also helps accelerate skin regeneration. For optimal effectiveness, opt for a 100% natural aloe vera gel or directly extracted from the plant.

Cold compresses to relieve

The cold has this soothing property almost magical on burnt skin. For a gentle and effective approach, soak a soft cloth in cool water, then apply it gently to the sore area. This helps to reduce the heat accumulated in the skin. To maintain the soothing effect, renew the operation regularly, especially if you feel strong pain.

Hydration: the watchword for relieving a sunburn

A sunburn dries out the skin deeply, hence the importance of double hydration. Internally, be sure to drink enough water to make up for lost hydration. Externally, opt for moisturizing creams or lotions, favoring products without alcohol or perfumes to avoid any additional irritation. Well hydrated skin heals faster and is less prone to tightness and itching.

Avoid the sun as much as possible

It may seem obvious not to expose burned skin to the sun, but it is essential to remember it. Already damaged skin is much more sensitive to UV rays, and further exposure could make the burn worse. If you must go out, opt for loose, covering clothing, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen to uncovered areas.

A sunburn is not just a summer inconvenience. It is the sign of a skin aggression which, if not treated properly, can have lasting repercussions. These tips will help relieve pain and promote healthy healing. But remember, the best strategy is always prevention.